Almaguin Highlands Signage Final Report


For the AHED record - May 15, 2015 meeting; a final Almaguin Highlands signage report under AHED’s Business Arising Section - as is appropriate for this and the previous 2 signage progress reports on this project.   

This serves as a request to amend the AHED March 20, 2014 and April 17, 2014 meeting minutes to reflect this for all signage reports given by David Stewart and Karen Insley Stewart.   References below are available @


As individuals, David Stewart & Karen Insley Stewart would like to thank the AHED Committee’s consensus at Sept,’s 2013 meeting, and further, in January’s 2014’s meeting, for David to take a lead in securing  Almaguin Highlands Highway Signage information.  The purpose outlined was to gather estimated costs, proposed locations, availability of funding sources for this public project and sharing it. Updates to AHED under business arising were given at previous meetings March/April 2014 (amendment).  All info gathered is public knowledge and is available through Government Funders’ Contacts and websites. Any sensitive and confidential information was not shared i.e., businesses contacted.   At this point, any further action on this project would require multiple Councils’ financial and administrative commitment going forward.  A Draft resolution was provided, as background information only.  Finally, the information given here indicates that the Almaguin Highlands Signage is a potentially do-able project within the 2014/15 and 2015/16 timeline.  Of course it depends entirely on various factors some are:

In conclusion, preliminary information was shared successfully in a timely matter with those who initially asked for it and with those potential decision makers identified above, who had the ability to move forward in the estimated timeline. (See references below).  The info secured from potential funding partner’s guidelines/criteria as a “fit” for this project would require major steps by all decision makers as the Draft Resolution pointed to. 

Background   AHED serves as a gathering place for local Municipal Governments, Funding Partners, Community Organizations, Businesses and Individuals to share economic development information.  The decision making bodies for this public project would be the 16 + 2 municipal/townships who were signatories to the Almaguin Highlands Strategic Plan 2002, where signage was originally identified.  It was recommended as a key component of that plan.  A Councillor inquired about the need for an overall Strategic Plan.  As one existed, copies of the above Plan were offered and distributed by WORC.  Some Councils requested it to which WORC, (AHED’s administrative service provider) was advised & given as Contact.  We thank all who openly received this preliminary info.

References - for preliminary signage info sharing- AHED & Stakeholders


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