Almaguin Highlands Strategic Plan Implementation Committee

Minutes of Meeting

held Thursday, July 21, 2005

at the

South River - Council Chambers

Christina Golding, Municipality of Powassan; Jeff Johnston, Town of Kearney; Sara Keillor, Municipality of Powassan; Julie McDermott, Almaguin Highlands Business After Hours: Shelley Gray, Almaguin Highlands Business After Hours; Gilbert Lane, Township of Ryerson; Eleanor Sled-Kurrle, Special Events Committee of Burk's Falls, Armour arid Ryerson; Wendy Devitt, Municipality of Whitestone; Kay Tod, Municipality of Magnetawan;.and Martin Parker, Village of South River

Barb Groves, Beata Barnard, and Glenn Barnard.

Resource Persons:
Denise Sherritt, Ministry of Northern Development and Mines; Catharine Mayne, NECO; and Uyen Nguyen, Blue Sky Economic Growth Corporation,

Guest: nil

l. Call to Order
The meeting was called to order with Christina Golding in the chair.

2. Declarations of Pecuniary Interest - nil

3. Deputations - nil

4. Adoption of Minutes of June 16

The meetings of the meeting of June 16, 2005 were accepted as printed.

5. Reports from Members and Community Partners


Christina Golding reported a letter of support for the `Explore the Trades' programme of

2. Ministry of Northern Development and Mines

Denise Sherritt provided an update of the COMRIF programme and noted that COMRIF can be contacted to determine where the previous application scored low.

3. FedNor - nil

4. NECO - nil

5. Blue Sky

Uyen Nguyen gave an update on the High Speed project. The project is still progressing and installations should commence in the fall.
Blue Sky EGC is looking for companies with the forestry, mining, health and IT sectors for a study in these aspects of the economy.

6. Women's Own Resources Centre and Micro-Business Development Centre - nil

7. Visitor Information Centres - nil

8. Ryerson, Armour and Burk's Falls Special Events Committee

Eleanor Sled-Kurrle provided an update on the recent Hill-billy/Country Hoedown. The event will be held again next year on June 26. Events coming up are the Burk's Falls High School Reunion and the 125`'' Anniversary of Ryerson Township. The committee is investigating hosting he 2006 Ontario Arm Wrestling Competion. Outward Bound is now involved in assisting in the organizing of various community events.
Eleanor Sled-Kurrle reported that the joint meeting with the Economic Development Committee, Ministry of Northern Development and Mines, and the Powassan Intern was very successful.

9. Powassan Observatory

Kay Tod reported that Lawlor and Associates have been selected as the consultant for the project. Approval of the funding applications are anticipated shortly.

10. Almaguin Promotion Campaign

Christina Golding reported on the recent meeting held with FedNor on the proposal. FedNor outlined its requirements for the approval of the project. Support in principle from the municipalities which are not contributing funds is being requested.
Kay Tod suggested a small committee be established to start to develop the RFP for the project. The RFP would be issued, once approved, and the committee would evaluate the RFP's and after interviewing the interested consultants would make a recommendation to South River Council. This would be subject to funding approval.

10-2005 Kay Tod/Eleanor Sled-Kurrle

That AHSPIC recommend that a committee to develop the RFP for the Almaguin Highlands Promotional Plan. Carried

It was suggested that the committee be composed of Mayor of South River, the Chair of AHSPIC, Kay Tod, Eleanor Sled-Kurrle, and Barb Groves with FedNor, NECO, MNDM, Sara Keillor and Martin Parker as resource persons.

11. Almaguin Highlands Business After Hours

Julie McDermott distributed an outline of the plans for a forum for networking and growth of the businesses in the region. The initial meeting is planned for mid-September.

6. Correspondence

1. LTAB: A Year in Review 2004-2005

7. Other Business

8. Adjournment and Next Meeting

The next meeting will be Thursday August 18 at 10 a.m. in the South River Council Chambers.
The meeting was adjourned.

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