Almaguin Highlands Strategic Plan Implementation Committee

Minutes of Meeting

held Thursday, October 14, 2004

at the

South River - Machar Community Centre

Present: David Stewart, Leia Halford, Christina Golding, Beata Barnard, Glenn Barnard, Kathy Parker, Cliff Reeds, Jeff Johnston, and Martin Parker

Regrets: Brenda Scott

Resource Persons: Dominique Marleau, MNDM

Guest: Barbara Groves

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order with Christina Golding in the chair.

Declarations of Pecuniary Interest - nil

Deputations - nil

Adoption of Minutes

K. Parker/Stewart

That the minutes of the meeting of September 16, 2004 be adopted.


Reports from Members and Community Partners

Ministry of Northern Development and Mines

Dominique Marleau reported that there are no announcements on funding
progammes of the Northern Ontario Heritage Corporation yet. The Summer
Job programme is currently wrapped up.20

Dominique Marleau reported that Monique Smith's office has indicated
that the details and application for the Canada - Ontario Rural
Infrastructure Fund should be released in early November.

NECO - nil

Local Training and Adjustment Board

Christian Golding reported the executive will be meeting on November 10
and a presentation was made to the Parry Sound Municipal Association.
LTAB is receiving more cooperation from the School Boards in offering
progammes. LTAB has identified that there is a shortage of trained
trades people in the region.

Blue Sky - nil

Women's Own Resources Centre

Kathy Parker noted that Brenda Scott will be attending the upcoming
Business Expansion and Retention training seminar in Sudbury.

Micro-Business Development Centre

Kathy Parker announced that 30 business were nominated for the Business
Excellence Awards. The Awards Ceremonies are on October 26 at Ten Gables
Golf Club. All members were invited to attend.

Almaguin Highlands Information Centre - nil

Almaguin Festivals and Events

Leia Halford reported that 609 events have now reported for 2004. Work
is progressing on a 2005 calendar which will list all the major events.
The special listing of Christmas Craft Shows is being finalized and
there are twelve listed already.

The planned seminar has been changed to February 2005 in order to
confirm funding.

Leia Halford reported that the Foundation for Rural Living held a Open
House on September 29 for community groups. She has additional
information packages available.

Almaguin Chamber of Commerce - nil


David Stewart reported that he presented Almaguin Highlands pins to the Honourable Andy Mitchell and Norm Miller.

Other Groups - nil

Correspondence - nil

Other Business - nil


Jeff Johnston noted the committee appears to be passive in communicating
to municipalities and other groups. It was noted the minutes are sent to
each municipality when approved by the committee.

Jeff Johnston suggested a notice be prepared for circulation to
municipalities and other groups in the region which identified the major
web sites of the region. After a general discussion it was felt this
project was worthwhile. Leia Halford agreed to collect the necessary

Heritage River Walk

Beata Bernard noted that as a result of the last meeting she obtained a
copy of the Heritage River Walk proposal and requested advise on how to
move the project forward. Various members provided suggestions including
having a champion for the project and obtaining the support of the
Council and the community. Examples of success implementation of a
project from study to completion were reviewed.

Youth Councils

There was a general discussion on how to encourage youth to become more
involved in our communities. The initiatives with the Youth Council in
Powassan, the Powassan skateboard park, the newly formed South River
Youth Council, and the initiative in Kearney were discussed. It was
noted there was a need to work together with the youth.

Adjournment and Next Meeting

It was agreed the next meeting would be Thursday January 13, 2005 at 10 a.m.
in the South River - Machar Community Centre.

The meeting was adjourned.

NOTE - These minutes are for information purposes only and not official until accepted by AHSPIC.

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