Almaguin Highlands Strategic Plan Implementation Committee

Minutes of Meeting

held Thursday, September 16, 2004

at the

South River - Machar Community Centre

Present: David Stewart, Leia Halford, Christina Golding, Brenda Scott, Beata Barnard, Glenn Barnard, Kathy Parker, Kay Tod, Gilbert Lane, Cliff Reed, and Martin Parker

Regrets: Don Carter and Jeff Buell.

Resource Persons: Bob Sjonnesen, MNDM and Catharine Mayne, NECO.

Guest: nil

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order with Christina Golding in the chair.

Declarations of Pecuniary Interest – nil


Beata and Glenn Barnard, Economic Planning Meeting

Beata and Glenn Barnard noted people are ready for a follow-up economic conference to the Prosper from the Pavement Conference. They suggested ‘Unity in Diversity’ as the theme. They noted the region needs to build on its diversity. They reviewed their proposal with a visionary they know.

Christina Golding noted the costs will have to be examined.

Beata and Glenn Barnard felt the conference would be a community investment and would give an identity to the area and build on its uniqueness.

Bob Sjonnesen noted there are two sponsoring groups, the communities and businesses. At the current time NOHFC does not fund businesses but this is under discussion. He noted the regional Strategic Plan was completed about two years ago and did not know if the region was ready for another strategic planning exercise.

Brenda Scott suggested the conference be aimed at businesses, then if there is no interest there would be no costs.

Beata Barnard reviewed the concept of having a boardwalk along the Magnetawan River in the Village of Burk’s Falls. Bob Sjonnesen recommended that the Magnetawan River Heritage Project be consulted.

Adoption of Minutes of August 19


That the minutes of the meeting of August 19, 2004 be adopted.


Reports from Members and Community Partners

Almaguin Festivals and Events

Leia Halford announced that the number of events for this year has now grown to 556. She is accepting events for inclusion in a 2005 calendar. Hopefully this will avoid duplication of dates for major events. The letter for the equipment data base has been sent out.

A Festivals and Events seminar is being planned for late October with speakers from northern events. The cost would be approximately $20 including lunch. The conference will focus on what event organizers are looking for and what is needed.

Bob Sjonnesen suggested that a letter be sent to the NOHFC requesting their assistance in the Festival and Events Conference.

Leia Halford announced that the PARC Association will be presenting a cheque to the Women’s Own Resources Centre for $1,700, being the proceeds from the recent Celebrity Luncheon held as part of the Festival of the Arts.

2. Powassan Observatory

Christina Golding requested a letter of support from the Committee to the Municipality of Powassan in support of the proposed Powassan Observatory. The new site is near Trout Creek and the Trout Creek community is in support of the plan. The site is on crown lands.


That the AHSPIC does hereby agree to send a letter of support to the Municipality of Powassan in support of the proposed Observatory to be located near Trout Creek.


Web Site Hosting Fees

Christina Golding noted the Committee through the Village of South River has received invoices for web-site hosting fees. There has been no funding allocated for the web site and a member had volunteered to maintain the site.

David Stewart noted he volunteered to maintain the site but someone has to pay the hosting fees to the server and name registration fee. The Municipality of McMurrich/Monteith paid the fees for one year. They were initially paid by the Village of Burk’s Falls. The current bills need to be cleaned up so the site can be moved to a free server.

David Stewart noted the site has been improved from the initially developed site. He noted the region needs a central site.

Kay Tod noted the committee does not have the funds to operate the site.

It was noted that he committee has an allocation of $1,000 from the Blue Sky Economic Growth Corporation and some of this allocation maybe used for the web site costs.


That AHSPIC request that part of the allocation from Blue Sky Economic Growth Corporation be used to pay the invoices for the web-site hosting fees.


Almaguin Highlands Logo

Kay Tod reviewed her report on her investigations of the use of the Almaguin Highlands logo which was originally developed by the Burk’s Falls based Almaguin Highlands Economic Development Agency.

Kay Tod recommended that the committee, through the Village of South River, request permission to use the logo. She also recommended that the committee, through the Village of South River, also request permission to update the regional economic development CD as well.

It was noted that some businesses in the region are already using the logo.

Tod/K. Parker

That the AHSPIC, through the Village of South River, request permission from the Village of Burk’s Falls to use the Almaguin Highlands logo and to update the economic development CD.


Review of Strategic Plan Actions Summary

The summary list of Action proposed in the Strategic Plan, prepared by Don Carter, was reviewed and updated.

Ministry of Northern Development and Mines

Bob Sjonnesen reported that the Ministry provided funding assistance for 180 student positions in the region this year.

Women’s Own Resource Centre

Brenda Scott announced that she will be attending the Business Expansion and Retention Workshop in Sudbury in November.

Micro-Business Development Centre

Kathy Parker gave a presentation on the work of the Micro-Business Development Centre which is currently being given to Councils in the region.

Kathy Parker requested nominations for the Business Excellence Awards and distributed information on the awards. The presentations will be on October 26 at Ten Gables Golf Inn, Sundridge.

Kathy Parker noted that the senior government funding agencies are requesting support for the MBDC from municipalities in the region.

Almaguin Chamber of Commerce

Brenda Scott announced they are holding a meeting on Wednesday October 22.

Trillium Foundation

The Trillium Foundation has requested the committee host a meeting for the Trillium Foundation where they can meet with community groups to discussed the preparation of applications to the Foundation.


That AHSPIC agreed to host a meeting for the Trillium Foundation.


LTAB – nil


Catherine Mayne announced she has a presentation she would like to make at the next meeting.

Blue Sky – nil

Almaguin Highlands Information Centre – nil

Correspondence – nil

Other Business – nil

Adjournment and Next Meeting

It was agreed the next meeting would be Thursday October 14 at 10 a.m. in the South River – Machar Community Centre.

The meeting was adjourned.


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