Almaguin Highlands Strategic Plan Implementation Committee

Minutes of Meeting

held Thursday, January 13, 2005

at the

South River - Machar Community Centre


Present: Leia Halford, Kathy Parker, Gilbert Lane, Dianne Mehaffey, Christina Golding, Beata Barnard, Glenn Barnard, Eleanor Sled-Kuarle, Kay Tod, Frank Tod, Cliff Reeds, and Martin Parker

Regrets: Brenda Scott, Bill Church, Don Carter, Dominique Marleau, Geoff Buell, and Catharine Mayne

Resource Persons: nil

Guest: nil

1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order with Christina Golding in the chair.

2. Declarations of Pecuniary Interest – nil

3. Deputations – nil

4. Adoption of Minutes

01-2005 K. Tod/G. Lane

That the minutes of the meeting of October 14, 2004 be adopted.


5. Reports from Members and Community Partners

1. Ministry of Northern Development and Mines nil

2. NECO – nil

3. Local Training and Adjustment Board

Christina Golding announced that she will be stepping down as a member of the LTAB for personal reasons and there is a seat of the Board for a representative from AHSPIC.

4. Blue Sky

Geoff Buell sent an e-mail announcing that the Minister of Northern Development and Mines will be at the Powassan Library on Tuesday, January 18 at 2:00 p.m. to make an announcement regarding Blue Sky Net funding. Members of AHSPIC are invited to attend.

5. Women ’s Own Resources Centre

Kathy Parker noted the organization will be taking a more environment friendly approach to its activities. Self-employment and Network/Monitoring classes have started for the winter session.

6. Micro-Business Development Centre

Kathy Parker announced that the MBDC will be taking on Business Retention and Expansion in the regions. She asked if AHSPIC could provide a letter of support for the BR&E initiative, and make reference to the 4-laning of Highway #11. It was agreed at a letter would be prepared for the Chair’s signature.

Dianne Mehaffey noted there is some discussion regarding a regional roadway other than Highway #11 to connect all the communities along the Corridor.

7. Almaguin Highlands Information Centre – nil

8. Almaguin Festivals and Events

Leia Halford reported the data base now has 950 events with 200 already registered for this
year. A calendar of major events has been forwarded to all Municipalities and the Information Centres in the region.

Leia Halford reviewed the schedule for the one day seminar planned for February 24 on Festivals and Events. The registration package will be mailed prior to the end of the week. All community groups, event organizers, and municipalities are being invited. The event will promote partnerships and collaboration. There will be some round table discussion. The registration fee is $20 and will include lunch.

9. Almaguin Chamber of Commerce

Christina Golding announced that Louisa Moffat is the new President of the Almaguin Chamber of Commerce.

10. Visioning Session

Beata and Glenn Barnard announce a visioning course on April 24 and 25 with SynnKune Loh. Additional details will be provided later.

11. Powassan Observatory

Christina Golding announced that the Municipality of Powassan is requesting a member from AHSPIC to serve on the Observatory Committee. The committee is currently preparing the business plan for the project. She also reviewed the history and scope of the project.

02-2005 K. Parker/Glenn Barnard

THAT the Almaguin Highlands Strategic Plan Implementation Committee does hereby appoint Kay Tod to represent the committee on the Powassan Observatory Committee.


12. Lure of Almaguin

Martin Parker announced that proposal for a marketing plan for the Almaguin Highlands will be presented at the South East Steering Committee, composed of municipal representative, at its scheduled meeting on January 27 at the South River – Machar Community Centre. The proposal is being headed by the Mayor of South River in cooperation with other area municipal leaders.

13. Promotion of Fishing

Gilbert Lane spoke on the need to have a tour of the business in the fishing business in order to boost the fishing tourism in our region.

03.2005 Reeds/Tod

THAT the Almaguin Highlands Strategic Plan Implementation Committee does hereby support a tour of tourism businesses in the area in order to promote the fishing aspect of tourism.


6. Correspondence – nil

7. Other Business – nil

8. Adjournment and Next Meeting

It was agreed the next meetings would be:
Thursday, February 17
Thursday, March 17
Thursday, April 21
at 10:00 a.m. in the South River – Machar Community Centre.

The meeting was adjourned.

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