Minutes of meeting

Thursday, November 16, 2006 at 10:00 a.m.

Women’s Own Resource Centre, South River Ontario


Present : Chair Christina Golding, (Councillor – Powassan); Barbara Groves (Mayor - Chisholm), Kay Tod; (Secretary/ member-at-large); Gilbert Lane (Councillor - Ryerson); Denise Eckert (Community Updates); Brenda Scott (WORC); Merv Mulligan (Councillor, McMurrich/Monteith), David Stewart (Almaguin HighlandsOntario Inc); Eleanor Sled-Kurrle (R/A/BF. Special Evens Committee; Jeff Johnston (Councillor – Kearney ); Heather Dumont, (Almaguin Highlands Business After Hours)


Regrets : Dominique Marleau (NDO MNDM); Catharine Mayne (NECO); Don Carter (Councillor - Whitestone); Jeff Buell (Bluesky.net); Andrew Busch (EDC Powassan); SarahJayne Connick (Project Co-ordinator, Ontario’s Near North);




1. Meeting called to order by Chair Tina Golding @ 10:02 a.m.


2. No declarations of pecuniary interest


3. Deputations : None.


4. Adoption of Minutes

Moved by Eckert and seconded by Scott that the minutes of the meeting held October 19, 2006 be accepted as amended. (Amendment submitted by SarahJayne Connick and read by Secretary Kay Tod) Carried

Discussion: it was agreed by consensus that anyone who wishes verbatim reports in the minutes should submit a brief written report. to the Chairperson or the Secretary


5. Reports from Community and Resource Partners

5.1 Ministry of Northern Development and Mines.

5.2 NECO

5.3 FedNor

5.4 Bluesky.net

5.5 Women’s Own Resource Centre.

5.6 Ontario ’s Near North (ANTA)

5.7 Township of Chisholm

5.8 Ryerson, Armour, Burk’s Falls Special Events Committee.

Discussion It was suggested that this Committee apply to the Trillium Foundation through the municipal office. Trillium is now “fast-tracking” smaller amounts and Almaguin areas should start applying.

5.9 Almaguin Highlands Business After Hours (AHBAH )

5.10 Powassan Observatory Committee

5.11 Municipality of Whitestone.

5.12 Economic Development in the Municipality of Powassan

5.13 Almaguin Highlands Bed and Breakfast Association. (AHB&B).

5.14 Kearney Economic Development, Centennial 2008 and Environmental Projects.

Discussion turned to the topic of “broadband” and that we all seem to be experiencing some frustrations with lack of progress. It was suggested that AHED spearhead a regional meeting to discuss this topic.

Brenda suggested applying for funding in order to host a public meeting. ---- January 18, 2007(???)

It was moved by Groves and seconded by Stewart that the December meeting be cancelled. Carried

Congratulations to David Stewart who will be getting married on December 15, 2006 at Bear Lake Church.
Reception is to be at the 10 Gables Golf Club and everyone is invited to join in the celebrations.

5.15 South Almaguin E. D. Committee


5.16 Community Updates Directory


5.17 Almaguin Highlands Ontario Inc.


5.18 McMurrich/Monteith.


5.19 Magnetawan River Watershed Association.


6. Correspondence


7. In-Camera


8. Other Business/Community Reports.

9. Adjournment and next meeting


Moved by Johnston that the meeting adjourn at 11:50 a.m. Carried.


Next meeting : Women’s Own Resource Centre in South River

Date January 18 2007

Time: 10:00 a.m.




________________________       ______________________

Christine Golding, Chair                     Kay Tod, Secretary

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