Minutes of meeting

Thursday, May 17, 2007 at 10:00 a.m.



Present:   Brenda Scott (WORC), Gilbert Lane (Ryerson), Cec Reid (Deputy Mayor, Chisholm) Merv Mulligan (Councillor, McMurrich/Monteith), Morley Moore (Councillor, Whitestone) Tom Adair ( Member Algonquin Park Local Citizen Committee)


Regrets : Jeff Johnstone (Mayor, Kearney), SarahJayne Connick (Project Coordinator, Ontario’s Near North) Barbara Groves (Mayor - Chisholm), Andrew Busch (Powassan) ,  Brenda (AHIC) Les Mahon (CAEDA) Denise Eckert, Community Updates


1.        Meeting called to order @ 10:10 a.m. by Merv Mulligan, acting Chair.


2.         Declarations of pecuniary interest:  NA


3.        Deputations:  Tom Adair, Local Citizens Committee, Algonquin Park  “Lightening the Ecological Footprint of Logging in Algonquin Park”

Purpose of Presentation:  to Share Parks Board recommendations; Outline proposed next steps ;  Seek comment and discuss opportunities.  (Handouts of presentation available at WORC)

Mr. Adair made a presentation informing AHED of the current logging practices in the Park and the proposed Ontario Parks Board legislation which will reduce logging by a further 17%.  This would include buffers around trout streams, lakes and increase preservation of habitats.  The economic impact may be job loss, currently in Nipissing and Parry Sound there are 1,865 jobs whose average incomes are higher regionally than the average.  The LCC is recommending that councils pass a resolution to support the retention of these jobs and support sustainable logging practises for all lands as well as added value market initiatives.   The graphite mine in Kearney is proposing a 3 megawatt power plant that will burn biomass (rough material left after logging) and have a neutral effect on the environment such as the one at Monetteville.  A German company is looking into the wood pellet market as well.  If municipalities required permits to be issued for clearing land there would be better control and less chance of trespassing on abutting owners properties, as well as negative environmental and economic impact over the long term. 


4.  Adoption of Minutes:  Moved by Morely Moore, seconded by Cec Reid that the minutes of the meeting held April 19th, 2007 be accepted as circulated.  Carried

4.1     Business arising from the Minutes   


5          AHED Business:


5.1     Summit Discussion :  Showcase Almaguin – Thursday, September 20 th at the South River/Machar Community Centre.  9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.    Continued planning session.  Suggestion for focusing on our great outdoors.  Invitation to groups and associatins such as ATV, Snowmobile, Trailbikes, Fishing & Hunting, Outfitters etc.  Brenda will be getting in touch with Andy Houser who is retired from MNR and writes for Great Outdoors and may be interested in assisting with the development of the day.


5.2  AHED Terms of Reference:  Deferred.


6. Reports from Community and Resource Partners    


6.1 Ministry of Northern Development and Mines.  Dominique Marleau not present.  WORC is currently carrying out a MNDM project, Violence Against Women Prevention Initiative.  They will be hosting a Health & Wellness Fair on June 9 th at the Caswell Resort in Sundridge, tickets $20.


6.2     Community Futures (NECO) Not present.  


6.3     FedNor Ron Begin not present. 

      6.4 Bluesky.net  GIS project is underway.


      6.5 Women’s Own Resource Centre

Brenda Scott updated.   WORC has been contacted by the University of Guelph to participate in a project studying the impact of transportation on the work lives of women in Northern Ontario.  This is through their department for Rural Planning and Development and will take place in late May, early June.  WORC has had excellent response from the Almaguin Highland municipalities with 11 making financial donations supporting enhanced programs for the district. 

Fall programs will now be able to start in new locations previously underserved.


    6.6 Ontario ’s Near North (ANTA )  SarahJayne Connick  regrets.  


 6.7  Township of Chisholm

Cec Reid, Deputy Mayor, informed committee that discussions are ongoing regarding Mennonite furniture company and the wind farm study.


6.8  Ryerson , Armour, Burk’s Falls Special Events Committee .

Gilbert Lane .   Economic group  continuing to meet.   Sink the boat fundraiser set for May 26 th.


6.9  Almaguin Highlands Business After Hours (AHBAH ) 

Meeting dates are being advertised in the newspaper and group is continuing to expand.


6.10 Municipality of Whitestone.  

Morley Moore informed the committee that Canada Day celebrations will be held on June 30 th with a western theme and will include Hank Williams Tribute.  Three sites have been designated for walking trails and possibly a fourth.   Clean-up projects are planned.  Whitestone Lodge is expanding over 07 - 08 to include 13 – 3 bdr. Duplexs, 26 boat slips and a banquet hall with 250 seating capacity.  The new restaurant will seat 50 and have an upper level spa.  A 9-hole golf course is also planned with accommodation on site for staff.


6.11 Economic Development in the Municipality of Powassan  

Andrew Busch sent regrets.


6.12 McMurrich/Monteith

Merv Mulligan reported the ATV association is working on promotion of guided tours to see historic sites along the trails and to improve the image of the sport.  April 27 th is the Spring Jam in Parry Sound with Bearclaw Tours.  They are expecting 400+ visitors to the area for this event.   Spin-offs to Sprucedale include increased food and gas sales. 


6.13 Almaguin Highlands Bed and Breakfast Association. (AHB&B ).  

Heather Dumont not present


6.14 Kearney Economic Development, Centennial 2008 and Environmental Projects


6.15 South Almaguin E. D. Committee Gib Lane reported that work is continuing on multiple projects.


6.17 Community Updates Directory  Denise Eckert regrets.


6.18 Almaguin Highlands Ontario Inc.  David Stewart not present.


7          Correspondence      None

8          Other Business.       

9           In-Camera

10. Adjournment and Next Meeting Date:  Moved by Gib Lane, seconded by Cec Reid.  Carried.

Women’s Own Resource Centre in South River

Date:  Thursday June 21, 2007

Time:  10:00 a.m.  – 12 noon


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