Minutes of meeting

held on Thursday, April 19, 2007 at 10:00 a.m.

at the


South River , Ontario


Present: Jeff Johnston (Mayor Kearney) Brenda Scott (WORC), Gilbert Lane (Ryerson), SarahJayne Connick (Project Coordinator, Ontario’s Near North); David Stewart (Almaguin Highlands Ontario Inc.). Cec Reid (Deputy Mayor, Chisholm) Merv Mulligan (Councillor, McMurrich/Monteith)


Regrets : Barbara Groves (Mayor - Chisholm), Andrew Busch (Powassan), Brenda (AHIC) Les Mahon (CAEDA)
Morley Moore (Councillor, Whitestone) Denise Eckert (Community Updates)


Meeting called to order @ 10:10 a.m.

Declarations of pecuniary interest: NA

Deputations: NA

Adoption of Minutes: Moved by Merv Mulligan, seconded by Jeff Johnston that the minutes of the meeting held February 15, 2007 be accepted as circulated. Carried

Moved by Gib Lane, seconded by Brenda Scott that the minutes of the meeting held March 15, 2007 be accepted as circulated. Carried.

Business arising from the Minutes Resignations of Chair and Secretary. Moved by Merv Mulligan, seconded by Jeff Johnston that the resignations of Christina Golding, Chair and Kay Tod, Secretary be accepted. Carried.

Elections of Chair: Nomination: Jeff Johnston by Merv Mulligan. Nomination accepted. Moved by Merv Mulligan and seconded by Gib Lane that Jeff Johnston be elected as new Chair of the AHED Partnership Committee. Carried.

Election of Secretary: Brenda Scott nominated by Merv Mulligan. Nomination accepted. Moved by Merv Mulligan and seconded by David Stewart that Brenda Scott be elected secretary of the AHED Partnership Committee. Carried.

AHED Business: Summit Discussion : Showcase Almaguin – Thursday, September 20 th at the South River/Machar Community Centre. 9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Jeff Johnston will be drafting letter of invitation to all Municipalities. Brenda Scott will draft an informational flyer. SarahJayne Connick and David Stewart will post on their websites. Cec Reid and Jeff Johnston will approach guest speakers for the event.

5.2 AHED Terms of Reference: Deferred.


6. Reports from Community and Resource Partners


6.1 Ministry of Northern Development and Mines. Dominique Marleau not present. Many who submitted applications for the Rural Infrastructure Investment Initiative were successful including McMurrich/Monteith receiving $200,000 for road upgrades.

6.2 Community Futures (NECO) Not present.

6.3 FedNor Ron Begin not present. Kearney has made application for an Intern for their upcoming Centennial, Economic Development strategy and Parks and Recreation program.

6.4 Bluesky.net
General discussion on how momentum has been generated by this project and Bell Canada, Spectrum and Candlelight are present in the area increasing service delivery options. GIS was also discussed regarding the initial application many municipalities supported. MPAC, MNR, and others are hosting meetings to investigate delivery of GIS service and how best it can be implemented. April 25 th at Sundridge Arena and April 26 th at the Burk’s Falls Arena. As all municipalities will be required to do complete inventories of their assets in the near future this becomes a very important tool.

6.5 Women’s Own Resource Centre

Brenda Scott updated on new programs now being offered. Burk’s Falls self-employment workshops were launched on Tuesday, April 17 th. Four new rural outreach facilitators will be trained this fall to increase the service delivery of the ROPE program. WORC, South River/Machar Councils and Canadore College are continuing their efforts to bring culinary skilled trades to the area. Next steps include Councils RFP for upgrades to the Community Centre kitchen to accommodate the training sessions.

6.6 Ontario’s Near North (ANTA)

SarahJayne Connick presented information on the new partnership packages available with four member categories Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum ranging in price from $125 to $800. Amy Dickerson, public relations coordinator will be attending the next meeting to explain the new look and how non-traditional support partners, such as municipalities, insurance, printing and other types of businesses can become involved.

6.7 Township of Chisholm

Cec Reid, Deputy Mayor, informed committee of the possibility of a windfarm being established in the township. Council will be investigating possible impact on roads, environment, property assessment, etc. Also noted was the expanding Mennonite community which is welcomed and economic partnerships are being developed.

6.8 Ryerson, Armour, Burk’s Falls Special Events Committee .

Gilbert Lane . Newspaper carried the announcement of the business development agreements being completed and the positive impact these will have on Burk’s Falls and surrounding communities. Their next meeting will be Monday, April 23 rd.

6.9 Almaguin Highlands Business After Hours (AHBAH )

David Stewart attended meeting last evening and the group will be making and inviting visitations from all economic development groups to support and encourage further growth.

6.10 Municipality of Whitestone.

Morley Moore sent regrets.

6.11 Economic Development in the Municipality of Powassan

Andrew Busch sent regrets.

6.12 McMurrich/Monteith

Merv Mulligan reported the ATV association is working on promotion of guided tours to see historic sites along the trails and to improve the image of the sport. April 27 th is the Spring Jam in Parry Sound with Bearclaw Tours. They are expecting 400+ visitors to the area for this event. Spin-offs to Sprucedale include increased food and gas sales.

6.12 Almaguin Highlands Bed and Breakfast Association. (AHB&B ).

Heather Dumont not present

6.14 Kearney Economic Development, Centennial 2008 and Environmental Projects .

Jeff Johnston updated on current activities re: FedNor Intern application.

6.15 South Almaguin E. D. Committee Gib Lane announced they will be meeting tonight and reporting back on new developments.

6.16Community Updates Directory Denise Eckert regrets.

6.17 Almaguin Highlands Ontario Inc. David Stewart opening new location in Huntsville.

7.0Correspondence None

8.0Other Business.

9.0 In-Camera

10.0Adjournment and Next Meeting Date: Moved by David Stewart, seconded by Cec Reid. Carried.

Women’s Own Resource Centre in South River

Date: Thursday May 17th/07

Time: 10:00 a.m. – 12 noon


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