Minutes of meeting

Thursday, March 26, 2009 10:00 – 12 noon

South River Village Office, South River, Ontario


Present:  Merv Mulligan, McMurrich/Monteith; Gilbert Lane, Ryerson; Brenda Scott, WORC/South River; Stephen Boyle, Chisholm; Kay Tod, Magnetawan Business Association; Jeff Johnston, Kearney; Morley Moore, Whitestone; Jeff Dickerson, South River; Kathy Parker, South River; Les Mahon, CAEDA;  Catherine Mayne, NECO; Ron Begin, FedNor, Jennifer McCourt, Discovery Routes;


Regrets:  Steve Munro, Westwind Forestry Services; Chetna Sharma, MNDM


  1. Welcome
  2. Call to order  Jeff Johnston, Chair
  3. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest  NA

Election of Officers

Nominations:   Chair – Merv Mulligan by Jeff Johnston.  Nomination accepted.

Vice-Chair – Jeff Johnston by Morley Moore.  Nomination accepted.

Secretary – Brenda Scott by Kathy Parker.  Nomination accepted.

All positions filled by acclamation.


6.                  Adoption of Minutes of February, 19, 2009 with amendments to date of next meeting and cell towers in McMurrich Monteith not yet operational.

              Moved by: Morley Moore      Second by:  Jeff Johnston


7.           AHED Business

Jennifer McCourt, Discovery Routes, presented the new Trail Guide to Healthy Living produced by the Nipissing Stewardship Council in partnership with Discovery Routes and the Ministry of Health Promotions.  They are now for sale and can be accessed through Discovery Routes as well as other locations. 

‘Trails Signage Project’

Discussion regarding this project between Discovery Routes, FedNor, MNDM and participating municipalities/organizations etc. was held

Jennifer handed out information sheets regarding costs and projected partnerships for

Kiosks = $4,600 installed

Directional signage for highways = freeway $300 annually, regular attraction $153 annually, trailblazer $153 or $60 annually

Trailhead and Access Signs  = $550 installed

On-trail Directional Signs = $25

Improvements to Trailhead = $5,000 may include widening the municipal road allowance for enough space to park a minimum of two vehicles.

Cooperative Expenses:

Overall Graphic Design = $4,000

Lure Brochure = $5,500

Fam Tour = $2,000

Administration Discovery Routes will add a 5% admin. Fee to each partner’s total project cost. (This fee is ineligible for funding under the granting body)

For more information go to www.discoveryroutes.ca/signage.htm

NOTE:  Deadline to apply is Thursday, April 23, 2009



8.0                   Reports from Community and Resource Partners

8.1                   Ministry of Northern Development and Mines           Sharma/McGill


8.2                   NECO                                                                  Mayne

Catharine Mayne announced the first round of LIP 2009 funding is now closed and they are receiving application for the April deadline.  All were interested to hear the list of recipients and their projects.  It was noted that is was inspirational to hear what others were doing in their communities and fostered new discussions for project initiatives.  The list will be forwarded to all from Brenda.

All interested in LIP grant applications may contact Catharine @ cmayne@vianet.ca   www.neco.on.ca


8.3                   FedNOR                                                     Begin

Budget year end claims should be submitted to FedNor at this time.  New initiatives related to job creation are a priority and more announcements will be made in April.  As well, G8 project announcements should be forthcoming.  The 2009 budget announcement including the Community Adjustment Fund of $1 billion

Dollars has an end date of March 2011.  Municipalities have received information regarding the

$500 million targeted for Recreational Infrastructure and it may be accessed at http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/ic1.nsf/eng/04372.html

The Provincial budget is being announced today and with their $18 billion over two years there should be many partnerships to look forward to.

AHIC centre meetings have been ongoing and the new information centre building that has been approved is smaller and to be built with green efficiencies.  It will be a hi-tech fully functional information centre in time for the G8 summit. 


8.4                   Blue Sky                                                     Buell

8.5                   WORC/South River                                            Scott

Celebrating the Lives of Almaguin Women art show is now open at Renee’s Café and the 2009

Women In Business has been published in the Almaguin News.  This project is supported by MNDM.

NECO and WORC are partnering to place the Rural Outreach Program Endeavour (ROPE) workshops online.  This will increase accessibility to all living in the Almaguin Highlands who wish to participate in the Entrepreneurial Skills training, Balanced Living and Resource Networking workshops.  WORC has applied to FedNor for an Intern to be trained in 2009, and in 2010 potentially hired for the Program Manager position.  This is in conjunction with WORC’s succession planning strategy.

8.6                   Ontario’s Near North                                         Ypya                                                           

8.7                   Township of Chisholm                                       Boyle

Chisholm council is petitioning FedNor and Blue Sky to increase cell phone coverage as well as Emergency Measures Ontario.

8.8                   Ryerson, Armour, Burk’s Falls                                    Lane

Gib Lane reported on new project ideas and alternate uses for the South River Livestock property that will be discussed at the next meeting.  Last year they increased their membership fees by $20 and this year they have managed to break even.    Suggestion to invite Peirrette de Roche from OMAFRA to our April meeting.

8.9                   Municipality of Whitestone                                Moore

Morley Moore – The municipality has their final draft ready for 20,000 new brochures.  The Rod & Gun Fish Derby held March 14th was a big success with 184 registrants.  The Library has a project underway to invite local experts on diverse topics to make presentations to the public.  Trail wok permit has been submitted to MNR and Discovery Routes is partnering to get their trails operational.   The MNR and Fish & Game have set up monitoring stations on area lakes with a $500 contribution to the project.

8.10                 Powassan Economic Development Report                           

LLS&CC’s March 10th meeting was well attended.  They will approach Monique Smith to assist them in obtaining property rights to the location in Trout Creek.  The North Bay Astronomy Club has donated $2000 to the astronomy club as well as an $18,000 16” telescope.  They are just about ready to begin selling memberships.

8.11                 McMurrich/Monteith                                          Mulligan

Park 2 Park bridges are in so trails are ready to go.  Their next meeting is tonight at the Orrvillle Community Centre.  The township received funding to build a cover over their outdoor ice surface.  This will expand the usage to year round for events, picnics, etc.

8.12                 Kearney Economic Development                                 Johnston

Jeff Johnston reported that things are very exciting in Kearney with all their new projects.  Kearney received $2.8 M from Building Canada Fund toward developing the Rain Lake Road entrance to Algonquin Park .  It is hoped that it will be ready in time to attract G8 Summit attendees and showcase the area.  The Ralph Bice project is also underway.  It includes trails, cabins and reflects the life 100 years ago.  Partners involved in their projects include MNR, Westwind, AFA, businesses and community groups and will have a ‘green energy’ focus.

8.13       Central Almaguin Economic Development Assoc.     

Les Mahon, committee Chair, reported that an intern position has been secured through FedNor and NOHFC to complete the strategic plan and feasibility study for the South River Airport.Meetings are continuing with MTO regarding the entrances to communities from the new Hwy. 11.  The four mayors are also approaching MNR regarding stocking Lake Bernard and Eagle Lake.

                 8.14Magnetawan Area Business Association                     Tod

MABA is working on the 5K – 10K – ½ Marathon for this summer.  They would like to co-ordinate with other race event organizers to pool resources.  Brenda will send contact information.

8.15                 Westwind Forest Services                                    Munro

8.16                 Citizenship & Immigration (Culture Health Promotion)    

8.17                 Almaguin Highlands Inc.                                             Stewart

8.18                 Municipality of Magnetawan                                      Evans

Earl Evans has taken a position in Brampton so Magnetawan in the process of hiring a new clerk administrator at this time.

Nurse Practitioner for Burk’s Falls has not received any commitment from ministry so they will quite likely be supporting the Whitestone nursing station with funds raised.  The possibility of a new library is also being explored.

8.19               Nipissing                                                      Negrinott

8.20                 Almaguin Highlands Council for the Arts                            Sohm

9.      Correspondence


10.           In-Camera


       11.    Adjournment:  Motion:  Steve  Second:  Kay


Next meeting date:   Thursday, April 16, 2009   10 a.m. – 12 noon

Location:  To be confirmed.   Either South River Town Office or South River/Machar Community Centre

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