Minutes of meeting

Thursday, February 19, 2009, at 10:00 a.m.

South River Machar Community Centre, South River, Ontario


Present: Merv Mulligan, McMurrich/Monteith; Gilbert Lane, Ryerson; Brenda Scott, WORC/South River; Stephen Boyle, Chisholm; Kay Tod, Magnetawan Business Association; Dave & Karen Stewart, Almaguin Highlands Inc; Jeff Johnston, Kearney; Morley Moore, Whitestone. Catherine Mayne, NECO; Ron Begin, FedNor, Jennifer McCourt, Discovery Routes; Chetna Sharma, MNDM

Regrets: Steve Munro, Westwind Forestry Services

1. Welcome

2. Call to order Merv Mulligan, Vice Chair.

3. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest NA

Presentations: Jennifer McCourt, Discovery Routes

Jennifer unveiled the new Trails Resource Guide which includes 40 regional trails. It will be located at Information centres and all of the locations of the sponsorship ads through private businesses. Take Heart Public Health Unit also participated in the project. Discovery Routes owns the rights to the map and they will be re-printing in the Fall of 2009 any updates and including new advertisers as well.
The Trails Resource Guide was born at the AHED table as a small project for restaurants, resorts, B & B's The concept was to have information on hand and encourage traveller's and tourists to explore our beautiful trails. The guide is designed to allow photocopying of specific trails, etc. and carry the information away. A tracking sheet will collect information on which trails are being used and where people are travelling from. The cost of the Guide is $65. It includes 40 trail maps, listing of events that are happening immediately (updates provided) and all page are dated. The guide is free to Municipalities who become Members of the Discovery Routes. Membership fee is by population base. Jennifer will be making presentations to Municipalities and they have already received some information regarding the Guide.
Questions were answered such as: Insurance – Discovery Routes has an excellent provider and costs are very reasonable to user groups. Presentations – Jennifer is willing to make presentations to groups/municipalities who are interested in participating.
Response: Overwhelmingly positive. Jennifer brought 10 Trail Resource Guides with her and all were sold. AHED members agreed to spread the word and further encourage sales and use of this new resource tool. Contact Jennifer at discoveryroutes@sympatico.ca

Election of Officers

Nominations: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary

Deferred to March meeting.

6. Adoption of Minutes of January 15, 2009

Moved by: Gib Lane Second by: Stephen Boyle

7. AHED Business

Next Steps: Jennifer, Ron and Chetna will be meeting in response to AHED's ideas for trail project that will address bilingual signage, trailhead development, "gateways" and marketing and will provide information at next month's meeting. Projected ideas and costs for an "Almaguin Project" will be discussed as well as for the region.

8.0 Reports from Community and Resource Partners

8.1 Ministry of Northern Development and Mines Sharma/McGill

The $203 million in Building Canada Fund recipients have been announced including many in the Almaguin Highlands.
Applications for the Summer Jobs Service Program are now available and the deadline is April 17, 2009. There is no limit to the number of students that may be applied for. Positions can be starting April 1st and running to September 30th. The maximum number of hours worked per student is 560 and the subsidy is $2 /hour. http://www.mndm.gov.on.ca/nordev/documents/summer_jobs/SJS_2009_Eng_Application.pdf

8.2 NECO Mayne

Catharine Mayne announced new area recipients of Local Initiatives Project funding.
All interested in LIP grant applications may contact Catharine @ cmayne@vianet.ca www.neco.on.ca

8.3 FedNOR Begin

The new federal budget has included $500 million towards recreational projects. Ron has contacted all municipalities regarding this and made inquiries as to accessibility, infrastructure and other projects that may fit under these new criteria. Ron.Begin@ic.gc.ca

8.4 Blue Sky Buell

8.5 WORC/South River Scott

The new edition of Women In Business will be published in the Almaguin News next week. This is a project supported by MNDM through their Violence Against Women Initiative Program. There will also be an art show at Renee's Café, March 6 – April 30th Celebrating Almaguin Women, with the opening being held Friday, March 6th. An Open House will take place our office at 105 Ottawa Avenue from March 9 – 12, everyone is welcome to drop by. Work is continuing on the Carpool Almaguin project with the Almaguin Highlands Community Partners. Many letters of support for this project have been collected and are being sent to the Ministries for review.

8.6 Ontario's Near North Ypya

8.7 Township of Chisholm Boyle

8.8 Ryerson, Armour, Burk's Falls Lane

Gib Lane reported on new project ideas for the South River Livestock property that will be discussed at the next meeting. He also gave some updates on the G8 summit and enquiries that have been made regarding the International Plowing Match.

8.9 Municipality of Whitestone Moore

Morley Moore reported that $914,000 funding has been awarded for reconstruction of the Bunny Trail and work will begin in early spring. Other projects include a new brochure for the municipality and $35,000 for trails in partnership with the Health Unit, Discovery Routes and the municipality. The Rod & Gun Fish Derby will be held March 14th.

8.10 Powassan Economic Development Report

Darlene Cormier has resigned her position.

8.11 McMurrich/Monteith Mulligan

Cell Towers are up and Wireless reception from Rogers is available. The Trails are open. An application to cover the outdoor skating rink has been made. Musically, Scotia Junction is producing a new CD

8.12 Kearney Economic Development Johnston

Kearney's Strategic Plan has been completed through FedNor Youth Intern and they are very pleased with the result. Centennial was a great success and a Centennial Book ($25) was created. A copy will be given to Mayor Jim Coleman of South River for his help in the planning process. Kearney received $2.8 M from Building Canada Fund. Rain Lake Road as an entrance to Algonquin Park will be developed to increase tourism access and travel expansion as a multi-use trail.

8.13 Central Almaguin Economic Development Assoc.

8.14 Magnetawan Area Business Association Tod

Wood n Things Event is June 26 and 27th this year. Carvings last year's event have been purchased and donated and they will be located in the municipality as a beautification process. A meeting with Tony Clement is scheduled for Friday, May 15th and everyone is welcome to this Open Forum event.

8.15 Westwind Forest Services Munro

8.16 Citizenship & Immigration (Culture Health Promotion)

8.17 Almaguin Highlands Inc. Stewart

Dave reported that the web presence is being surfed. Hi- speed wireless through Rogers is now available in Sprucedale for a very reasonable amount. He and Karen are very glad to hear about the trails project and see it as key to drawing visitors to the area.

8.18 Municipality of Magnetawan Evans

8.19 Nipissing Negrinott

8.20 Almaguin Highlands Council for the Arts Sohm

9. Correspondence

10. In-Camera

11. Adjournment/ Next meeting date: March 26, 2009. 10 a.m. – 12 noon
South River/Machar Community Centre

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