Minutes of meeting

Thursday, February 17, 2011 10:00 – 12 noon

South River Village Office


Present: Merv Mulligan, McMurrich/Monteith; Paul Tomlinson, Mayor Kearney; Jim Coleman, Mayor South River; Yvonne Wills, Kearney; David Stewart & Karen Insley Stewart, Almaguin Highlands On. Inc.; Kay Tod, MABA; Bill Booth, Serviceworks; Don Carter, Whitestone; Tara Hamilton, MNDMF; Ron Begin, FedNor; John Dunn, Mayor Perry Twp.; David Hunks, Kearney; Jessica Busch, WORC

1. Welcome

2. Call to order: Merv Mulligan, Chair 10:05

3. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest: N/A

4.Guest Presentations: Showcase Almaguin Power Point Presentation

- Jessica briefly went through a power point presentation summarizing the "Showcase Almaguin" event held on January 21, 2011 in Burk's Falls. Following the presentation members discussed the information collected and agreed that a solid group must be formed within the Almaguin Highlands, municipalities form a much stronger case for funding when numerous municipalities work together towards a cause. It is also noted that more community support and involvement is needed to really market the Almaguin Highlands. After much discussion it was agreed that each committee member sitting at the table would collect names and emails of members of their respective communities who want to be kept informed and a database would be compiled of all services offered. More community members need to be aware and involved in order to form a collective voice in the Almaguin Highlands so we can ensure we will be heard. Bill Booth suggested that he already has an extensive database of contacts within the Almaguin Highlands and would be happy to add more to his list to form a solid and thorough database.

5. Adoption of Minutes of November 18, 2010

Moved by : Kay Tod Seconded by : John Dunn

6. AHED Business

7. Reports from Community and Resource Partners

7.1 Minisry of Northern Development and Mines & Forestry Hamilton - Tara Hamilton introduced herself to the group. Tara is taking over for Dominique Marleau during her maternity leave. She reported that once again the Summer Job Service will be offered where a $2/hr subsidy is provided for employers. The program will be open March 1 for requests.


7.2 NECO Aspin Lecour


7.3 FedNOR Begin - Ron reported that FedNor's website has been updated. FedNor is now focusing on innovation, economic development, small business and business growth where they will be working more with businesses and municipalities on projects. They are moving away from funding projects focusing on health/education/community.


7.4 WORC Scott - Brenda was unable to make it to the meeting. Jessica briefly talked about Showcase Almaguin being a great success.


7.5 Township of Chisolm Boyle


7.6 Ryerson, Armour, Burk's Falls Sterling


7.7 Municipality of Whitestone Carter - Don Carter will be replacing Morley Moore as the representative for Whitestone. Don reported that they are still seeking a work permit for the trails from the MNR. The municipality is once again working with the Whitestone Conservation Association who is sponsoring a directory for the 14th year. Summer bingo is being held again this year with the proceeds going towards the nursing station. Side boards at the arena are almost complete. The local Rod & Gun club is planning a fishing derby on March 12th. Whitestone's library has recently been honoured for winning an award for excellence in programming and scheduling. The municipality continues to make provisions for room at the landfill site to raise money by collecting cans and bottles.


7.8 Powassan Economic Development Report Gibson Olajos


7.9 McMurrich/Monteith Mulligan - Merv reported that the Community Centre is up and running and has a newly formed Rec. committee. Winter Carnival was a great success with fantastic talent present and a well attended event. The second cell tower is being installed at Bear Lake. Jennifer McCourt GPS'd Turtle trail so they are ready to install signage on the trail. Two fishing derbies in Sprucedale over Family Day weekend.


7.10 Kearney Economic Develoment Tomlinson - Paul introduced himself, he will attending some AHED meetings as well as the treasurer for Kearney, David. The annual dog sled weekend was a huge success. It continues to be a very big event for Kearney and is growing every year. CTV News covered the event on Saturday night with special highlights on the fantastic 120 mile trail. The town is now beginning planning for the annual summer regatta. Paul is looking into using Festivals/Events Ontario in order to get more vendors to local events. Festivals/Events Ontario puts on many trade shows throughout the year which showcase various vendors and attractions.


7.11 Central Almaguin Economic Development Association Mahon - Jim Coleman filled us in on CAEDA's activities. They are supporting the Friends of Mikisew project. The Airport Study is taking place where they are looking to what the future of the airport may hold. Tony Clement will be announcing funding on the 26th for a Strategic Plan to look into recommendations.


7.12 Magnetawan Area Business Association Tod - Currently putting out a directory of local contacts and events.


7.13 Westwind Forest Services Munro - Jim Coleman spoke on behalf of Westwind reporting that the seminar on governance was very interesting and well attended. There is a lot going on with the company right now.


7.14 Citizenship & Immigration (Culture Health Promotion) Loiselle


7.15 Almaguin Highlands Inc. - The mapping project is going well. Dave is looking for others to link in and encouraged that every local business should put themselves on the map.


7.16 Municipality of Magnetawan Urbanski


7.17 Nipissing Stewart


7.18 Almaguin Highlands Council for the Arts Sohm


7.19 Village of South River Coleman - There is a meeting tonight to organize the "Friends of Mikisew" group. There will be a guest speaker from the "Friends of Kilarney Park". The meeting will be held at the Sundridge Community Centre where the goal will be to attract more people to the park through educational and interpretive workshops. The park will now be open on the May 24th weekend as well, extending the season. Jim reported that the village has recently completed a survey for ratepayers which covered the services provided to ratepayers and asked them to prioritize them. Jim stated that the results were very interesting and are currently being compiled. There is a fishing derby at Lake Bernard over the Family Day Weekend


7.20 Perry Township Dunn/Love - John Dunn reported that the tenders are back for the gazebo at the new Almaguin Highlands Information Centre. WiFi will hopefully be installed within the next two weeks. They are currently looking for support to install the kiosks. Perry Twp. is currently developing a Strategic Plan where they will also be updating the economic plan for Perry. Skate Night at Novar Centre went well with about 150 people in attendance. The lions and the public school are currently doing a bottle drive.


7.21 OMAFRA Dukhia


7.22 Region 12 RTO Scott/Stewar - The Stockey Centre will host a social media event with ONCOR the weekend of the 26th/27th. The event will focus on social media training, it is an all day event and costs $50 per person.


7.23 Park 2 Park Searle

8. Correspondence

9. In – Camera

10. Adjournment : 12:15

11. Next Meeting Date : March 17th, 2011 at the Sprucedale Village Offices. Tour of the newly finished Community Centre to follow.

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