Minutes of meeting

Thursday, November 18, 2010, 10:00 – 12 noon

Almaguin Highlands Information Centre, Perry Township


Present:  Merv Mulligan, McMurrich/Monteith; Brenda Scott, Village of South River, WORC; Jeff Johnston, Mayor Kearney; David Stewart & Karen Insley Stewart, Almaguin Highlands On. Inc.; John Dunn, Mayor Perry Twp.; Mary Anne Love, Perry Twp.; Kay Tod, MABA; Ron Begin, FedNor; Jennifer McCourt, Discovery Routes, Carol Armstrong, McMurrich/Monteith; Bill Booth, Serviceworks; Jim Coleman, Mayor South River; Jeff Dickerson, South River; George Sterling, Ryerson; Paul Tomlinson, Kearney; Jim Sharp, Kearney; Peter Searle, Park 2 Park.


Regrets:  Chetna Sharma, MNDMF; Morley Moore, Whitestone



  1. Welcome
  2. Call to order:  Merv Mulligan, Chair 10:03
  3. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest:  N/A
  4. Guest Presentations:  Jennifer McCourt, Discovery Routes

Project was begun through the Showcase Almaguin 2008 event and the regional recognition that trails are an asset common to us all. Discovery Routes does not own or operate trails but does fund their development on a regional basis.  Funding secured was FedNor, $90,000 and Ontario Trillium, $82,000 and 10% from local trail supporters.  Jennifer showed the Kiosk and trailhead interpretive signage examples.  The final design is now being developed by the graphic designer and a template will be available by the end of December.  Project Particpation sheets were handed out.  Discovery Routes is hoping for confirmation from all interested partners for their sign requirements by January 30th with a $500 deposit.  Signs will be installed this spring.  For more information contact jennifer@discoveryroutes.ca   A third Showcase Almaguin was suggested to be held January 21, 2011.  AHED, WORC and NECO will begin planning.


  1. Adoption of Minutes of October, 21 2010

Moved by : David Stewart   Seconded by : Mary Anne Love

  1. AHED Business:  Review of Terms of Reference and Election of Officers deferred to next regular meeting. 


Reports from Community and Resource Partners

7.1     Ministry of Northern Development and Mines & Forestry   Sharma

7.2     NECO                                                                                 Lecour

          7.3     FedNOR                                                                    Begin

Friends of Mikisew have applied for a NECO LIP Grant through Strong Township (CAEDA) to assist in becoming incorporated and marketing.

          7.4     WORC/South River                                                           Scott

Carpool Almaguin will soon have a billboard sign on Hwy. 124 and is seeking a site on Hwy 522 as well.  The project continues to grow and we will be looking to add the University of Waterloo to our list of supporters.  Entrepreneurial skills training workshops begin again in January 2011 in South River and Burk’s Falls.  WORC will be compiling a history of businesses started by women over the past ten years as part of our anniversary celebration.

          7.5     Township of Chisholm                                             Boyle

          7.6     Ryerson, Armour, Burk’s Falls                                          Sterling

Nothing new to report at this time.

          7.7     Municipality of Whitestone                                                Moore

Jennifer McCourt shared with us that they are still seeking after two years a work permit for the trails from MNR.  Public consultations, MNR and MOE have been in consultation to assure species at risk, traditional land uses and land owners will be considered.

7.8     Powassan Economic Development Report                                  Olajos

Ron Begin -  MTO and the town are taking steps to soften the negative economic impact of the highway bypass.  Land may be offered at market value or free to stimulate private sector investment in new hotel, restaurant or gas bar once the new south entrance is completed.

7.9     McMurrich/Monteith                                                           Mulligan

Rink boards are beginning to be installed today.  With elections completed the township is looking to move ahead.

          7.10   Kearney Economic Development                                       Johnston

Economic development officer and committee are continuing to work on the Wind Farm application with MNDMF toward a January time frame.  Indications are positive so far for the graphite mine site.  Jeff introduced Jim Sharpe, Chair of the Town Beautification Committee who are currently working on a parking facility with lighting at the ballpark for ATV/trail users and mayor-elect Paul Tomlinson.  Bell hi-speed has increased coverage to 150 new users.

7.11     Central Almaguin Economic Development Association           Mahon

Jim Coleman, CAEDA, also spoke regarding the Friends of Mikisew and that there is a good possibility the park will now open on the 24th of May weekend instead of the later date.  They are hoping to expand use of the park and include special interest, educational and interpretive workshops.  

7.12   Magnetawan Area Business Association                           Tod

Nothing to report at this time.

7.13   Westwind Forest Services                                                   Munro

          7.14     Citizenship & Immigration(Culture Health Promotion)        Loiselle

          7.15   Almaguin Highlands Inc.                                                   Stewart

Dave brought the RTO12 power point presentation and it was available to see.  His company’s website is bringing people and investment directly to the towns.  It reflects the seasons, the new winter theme is coming soon. 

          7.16   Municipality of Magnetawan                                            Urbanski

          7.17   Nipissing                                                                    Negrinotti

          7.18   Almaguin Highlands Council for the Arts                                  Sohm

          7.19   Village of South River                                              Coleman

Coleman & Dickerson; Two projects are underway, the site meetings have been held and work starts next week to install the elevator at the arena and the Train station foundations and washrooms.  The council will continue to look for Green Energy projects that will generate income for the village.  One being considered is the rooftop solar concept.

          7.20   Perry Township                                                      Dunn/Love

Thanks to Mayor Dunn from Chair Mulligan for hosting today’s meeting.  Mayor Dunn reported that more than 100 attended the opening of the centre last month with good reviews.  Mayor Core was honoured at the last council meeting for his 16 years as Mayor.  Cake and coffee were served.  Perry is working with Highland Rovers and Almaguin snowmobile clubs to fence an area for parking their machines while visiting the centre.  Parking for loading and unloading will be handled at the Old Municipal Road location which is right on the snowmobile trail.  Carpool Almaguin parking has also been moved to this location as it will be better served for snow removal etc.  They are still learning how to facilitate the new building.  The architect for the gazebo has met and there are other partnerships being developed as to future use. A tour of the building will follow today`s meeting.

          7.21   OMAFRA

Information from OMAFRA continues to be circulated and members are encouraged to take note of the excellent programs they are offering that would be of economic benefit to our region.                                                       

          7.22   Region 12 RTO

www.rto12.ca  New information is continuously posted to this website.  The power point presentation was available as well as discussion on how businesses should participate.  Social networking will be a primary tool for marketing the region.  Businesses will be asked to get engaged.  With all of the business associations on the east side struggling, MABA, CABA, Ryerson/Armour, etc., there are concerns as to who will represent business.   Bill Booth, Serviceworks is submitting tenders to the RTO’s and has already had a successful bid.  He mentioned the newspaper report on the Flesherton/Burk’s Falls exchange and how to move from there to reduce the negative impact.  Merv Mulligan commented that in 17 years on council he has seen that it is best to generate a level of cooperation, that what is good for one is good for all.  Parry Sound Chamber of Commerce is interested in a satellite site on the east side.  It was also suggested that contact with Huntsville and North Bay be continued.  Carol Armstrong is interested in businesses and is trying to establish a Sprucedale Business Association and asked for information as to who might be of help to them in this process.

          7.23  Park 2 Park

Peter Searle reported that they have submitted a proposal to RTO12 for promoting and increasing tourism to the region.  They recognize that the trail has a lot more activity on the west side and they hope to increase the east`s visibility to all potential trail users.

8.  Correspondence


  1. In – Camera
  2. Adjournment: 12:30   Tour of AHIC facility.
  3. Next Meeting Date:  January 17th  Showcase Almaguin Project under development through WORC and NECO.   More information to follow.

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