Minutes of meeting

held on Thursday, March 17, 2011 10:00 – 12 noon

Sprucedale Township Office

Present:  Merv Mulligan, McMurrich/Monteith; Paul Tomlinson, Mayor Kearney; Jim Coleman, Mayor South River; David Stewart & Karen Insley Stewart, Almaguin Highlands On. Inc.; Kay Tod, MABA; Don Carter, Whitestone; John Dunn, Mayor Perry Twp.;  Mary Anne Love, Perry; Lawrie Vincer, Sundridge; Jessica Busch; Donna Sedore, Employment North; Donna Maitland, Ont. Trillium Foundation; Rosalind Hall, Ryerson; Mark Urbanski, Magnetawan; Hazel Hornibrook, AHAC; Brenda Scott, WORC.

Members enjoyed a Tour of the new facility prior to meeting.


  1. Welcome
  2. Call to order: Merv Mulligan, Chair 10:15
  3. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest: N/A

Guest Presentations:  Donna Sedore, Employment North & Donna Maitland, Ontario Trillium.

Chamber of Commerce Discussions – see attached document

  1.  Adoption of Minutes of February 17, 2011.

Moved by : Don Carter   Seconded by:  Rosalind Hall

  1.  AHED Business
  2. Reports from Community and Resource Partners

7.1  Minisry of Northern Development and Mines & Forestry                         Hamilton

7.2  NECO                                                                                       Aspin Lecour

7.3  FedNOR                                                                                              Begin

7.4  WORC                                                                                      Scott

Women’s Own Resource Centre has received contracts for 2011-2013 OWD-IWF funding to continue entrepreneurial skills training, balanced living and resource networking workshops.  The Centre will also be continuing all of their services in South River and outreach locations in the region.

7.5  Township of Chisolm                                                                        

7.6  Ryerson, Armour, Burk’s Falls                                                         Hall

A community Economic Development meeting was held following the Showcase Almaguin event in Burk’s Falls, and more than 60 people attended to discuss the revitalization of downtown and as well as other issues.

7.7  Municipality of Whitestone                                                                Carter

Don Carter, progress continues on the trails initiatives and the Management Plan has been made public for comment.  Most issues have been addressed and they hope to move forward with implementation.  There is a meeting with the Northern Lights Steel Orchestra coming up.   Don brought copies of the Great North Arrow a new community newspaper being published in Whitestone.  He suggested that AHED may wish to invite the editor to speak at one of our meetings.

7.8  Powassan Economic Development Report                                       Gibson Olajos

7.9  McMurrich/Monteith                                                                         Mulligan

Merv reported that second cell tower is operational at Bear Lake.  Cottagers/residents are able to now access hi-speed internet. 

7.10  Kearney Economic Develoment                                                       Tomlinson

The Firefighter’s Assoc. Of  Ontario held their two day meeting in Kearney which was great exposure for the town.  Wind energy development continues to be investigated through a British firm.   Meetings with MNR regarding transmission lines and their ability to carry the power load are upcoming as well as other issues that still need to be addressed.

7.11  Central Almaguin Economic Development Association                           Mahon

Jim Coleman filled us in on CAEDA’s activities.  The airport study should be delivered this week.  Talks concerning the hiring of an Economic Development Officer are ongoing with a priority of first establishing a sense of direction for where development is needed.  Meetings with community groups and surveys have and will continue to be held in the next month.

7.12  Magnetawan Area Business Association                                         Tod

Kay thanked the AHED members for their glowing references to MABA, the group is rebuilding and recognizes the hard work that the committee and volunteers have committed.  The fee for membership is $140; there have been an average of 40 members over the past 20 years.  Their 5K, 10K and ½ marathon will go ahead this year and they are looking for new volunteers.  They would like to invite RTO12 to make a presentation to their group.  The Kiosk funding thru Discovery Routes has municipal support and they feel the signage is fantastic.  MABA supports the process of creating a Chamber of Commerce and Tom Crane has the current business directory database that he is happy to share.

7.13  Westwind Forest Services                                                                 Munro

Jim Coleman spoke on behalf of Westwind reporting that a budget meeting was held last week and a full day meeting with the operators is scheduled for April 14th regarding safey standards, sustainable forestry, etc.

7.14  Citizenship & Immigration (Culture Health Promotion)                         Loiselle

7.15  Almaguin Highlands Inc.

The mapping project continues. Dave is looking for others to link in and encouraged that every local business should put themselves on the map.

7.16  Municipality of Magnetawan                                                          Urbanski

Council has supported the Burk’s Falls Art Club for a summer student 2011 for $2800.  Ontario Trillium funding was secured and they now have new municipal offices with hi-speed and 6 –bay public works garage.  This was a $2.6M project.

7.17  Nipissing                                                                                 

From Jim Coleman - Pat Haufe is the new Mayor and contact can be made through giffincreek@sympatico.ca

7.18  Almaguin Highlands Council for the Arts                                                Hornibrook

Hazel presented the vision, mission and objectives of AHAC.  They will continue to promote all those artists and artistic endeavours with an eye to raising the profile of the area and increasing tourism.  The Arts Directory will continue to be distributed this year and an expanded version is planned for 2012.  A showcase of various artists have been held and two such events are planned for May 21st in Sundridge and August 13 in Powassan. There is an extensive list of accommodations in the Almaguin area, more than 500 names of artists, art group, galleries and studios and many museums. 

7.19  Village of South River                                                                      Coleman

The Village is working with the Friends of Mikisew, a website will be created at www.mikisew.ca through Brenda Detta.  Al Bottomley made a presentation to council on the new high school and the wonderful opportunities it will provide to students.  Mayor Coleman attended a Social Economic Development workshop in Dunchurch examining sustainable living and economic development.

7.20  Perry Township                                                                      Dunn/Love

John Dunn reported that they have approval for the Gazebo construction with Ontario Trillium support. WiFi access is available at the centre and they are still looking into Kiosks.  A strategic plan for the township is going ahead with FedNor support and an Official plan is also underway.  They have approved a ‘Good Neighbour Relationship’ with McMurrich Monteith for some services.  Mary Anne reported that they had some vandalism in the township last year and became part of the Restorative Justice program.  She highly recommends the process as it was very powerful for all involved.  It is volunteer based through youth justice Ontario.   

7.21  OMAFRA                                                                               Dukhia

7.22  Region 12 RTO                                                                                Scott/Stewart

Municipally owned information centres were encouraged to contact RTO12 to form stronger relationships within the region.  Currently projects are underway to establish baseline measurement for criteria to double tourism receipts by 2025.  All projects are listed on the website www.rto12.ca and forms for registration and nomination to the Board.    Board nominations are set to close April 1st so encourage representation from this sector.

7.23  Park 2 Park                                                                                      Searle

There is a meeting tonight at the Perry Council Chambers.

7.24  Kearney, Perry Business Association                                                        Johnston

The group has held their first meeting to establish by-laws and business plan.  Jeff thanked the AHED members for being the nucleus of Almaguin Highland’s economic prosperity and long time support from Kay Tod, Merv Mulligan, David Stewart and Brenda Scott for their volunteer work.

7.25  Discovery Routes                                                                    McCourt

Everyone is very pleased with the new signage and kiosk.

7.26  Sundridge                                                                               DeVries

Lawrie Vincer said that he had enjoyed the meeting and informed that Sundridge would be joining the AHED committee and that Bill DeVries would be their representative.

8.   Correspondence

9.  In – Camera

10.  Adjournment : 12:15

11.  Next Meeting Date:  Thursday, April 21, 2011.  10 am. Kearney Community Centre

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