Minutes of meeting

held on Thursday, March 15, 2007 at 10:00 a.m.

South River Council Chambers, South River, Ontario

Present Brenda Scott (WORC); Morley Moore (Councillor, Whitestone), Denise Eckert (Community Updates), Kara Mitchell (Forgotten Trails Association), Gilbert Lane (Ryerson)

Regrets : Barbara Groves (Mayor - Chisholm), Andrew Busch (Powassan),  Brenda (AHIC) Les Mahon (CAEDA)

1.        Meeting called to order @ 10:15 a.m.

2.         Declarations of pecuniary interest:   NA

3.       Deputations:   Kara Mitchell, Forgotten Trails Association

The Forgotten Trails Association Annual General Meeting will be held Thursday, March 29 th at the South River/Machar Community Centre.  The association is working on a new map/brochure of the trail system that is always in high demand.  Those interested in advertising should contact Kara at (705) 386-7064 or forgottentrails@gmail.com.   Advertisements spaces will be available from $50 to $200.  Deadline is Friday, April 13 th.  They are expecting a July distribution date to the Information Centres and other venues.  The spring ‘Mayor’s participaction event’ is being planned.  Coming in the Fall are plans for an Adventure Race combining geo-caching event with teams of families or friends taking to the trails.   Sponsors and prize donations for this event will be welcomed.

4.  Adoption of Minutes:  Deferred

  1.   AHED Business

1.         Showcase Almaguin Summit will be held in September to give more time to development of the agenda.  Funding has been received for luncheon and coffee breaks.  These will be held or returned as per donor request until the actual date of event.   Discussion was held regarding agenda, presentations and guest speakers and will continue at upcoming AHED meetings.

2.         AHED Terms of Reference  - deferred to next meeting

  1. Reports from Community and Resource Partners    

6.1 Ministry of Northern Development and Mines.  Dominique Marleau not present.  Many have submitted applications for the Rural Infrastructure Investment Initiative and are awaiting funding announcements.

6.2     Community Futures (NECO) Not present.  

6.3     FedNor Ron Begin not present

6.4    Bluesky.net  Jeff Bluell not present

6.5     Women’s Own Resource Centre

Brenda Scott updated on new programs being offered beginning April 17 th.   They will be offered in Magnetawan, South River, Burk’s Falls, Powassan and Kearney according to enrolment numbers.   Winter session workshops have finished in Powassan with four business plans completed and new businesses ready to proceed with plans to open.

Economic development partners are encouraged to send photos of their committees or projects to be included in the next media page in March.   Submissions should be sent to worc@on.aibn.com

6.6     Ontario’s Near North (ANTA)

SarahJayne Connick has left two boxes of the new guide at WORC and anyone interested in picking some up are welcome to do so Monday to Thursday.  Reminder:  The more members using services the less costs.  The next guide     Will be produced in December or January and the deadline will be in August.  More information will be forthcoming.

6.7     Township of Chisholm

Barb Groves not present

6.8  Ryerson, Armour, Burk’s Falls Special Events Committee .

Gilbert Lane .   No report but as we have read plans are underway with the new arena and other projects.           

Almaguin Highlands Business After Hours (AHBAH ) 

Heather Dumont not present

6.9     P owassan Observatory Committee  Kay Tod not present.

6.10             Municipality of Whitestone .  

Morley Moore updated on the Whitestone Community Development Committee.  The $1,000 first prize Fishing Derby on the past weekend was a great success.   The Rod & Gun Pancake Breakfast was well attended and $800 was donated to the Grade 7 & 8 for their class trip.  During March the Recreation Committee showed break movies for kids.  Norm Miller attended the Historical Society’s 60’ picture review of how Whitestone used to be.   It will be left up for a month for the public to view.   March 2 & 3 MTO, Norm Miller and committee toured HWY 520 regarding necessary upgrades required and they are now awaiting the Ministries response for funding.  The Agricultural Society and Historical Society will be presenting Quilts through the Ages during Canada Day Celebrations.  

Whitestone’s Mayor has expressed interest in the Fall Summit and more discussion will be forthcoming.

6.11             Economic Development in the Municipality of Powassan  

Andrew Busch sent regrets.

6.12             Almaguin Highlands Bed and Breakfast Association. (AHB&B ).  

Heather Dumont not present

6.13             Kearney Economic Development, Centennial 2008 and Environmental Projects . 

Kearney has submitted photo and write-up for the March media page of their new economic development committee.

6.14             South Almaguin E. D. Committee

Denise Eckert.  South Almaguin meeting was held concerning the need for employees in local businesses.   Their findings were that the majority of small businesses in the area were small, family or ‘mom and pop’ businesses not requiring extra staff.  They also examined the need for expanding skilled trades in the area.

6.15             Community Updates Directory 

Denise Eckert confirmed that the directory is in 100 locations and the April issue will focus on Health & Beauty.   May’s issue will be Trade & Home Improvement and anyone interested in being included should contact Denise.

6.16             Almaguin Highlands Ontario Inc.

David Stewart not present.

6.17             McMurrich/Monteith. 

Merv Mulligan not present.

6.18             Ministries of C&I/ Health Promo/Sports and Rec/Culture

6.19             Caroline Loiselle not present.

7          Correspondence     

Letter from LTAB.

8          New Business.       

Thank you to Kara Mitchell for attending and providing information on the future of the Forgotten Trails.

9.        In-Camera

10.   Adjournment and Next Meeting Date

Women’s Own Resource Centre in South River

Date:  April  19, 2007

Time:  10:00 a.m. 

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