By maximizing human, technical, and technological resources, the communities of the Almaguin Highlands will utilize their diversified natural amenities to offer high quality of life experiences to all citizens and visitors, through strong and sustainable economic, social and environmental programs.

Values And Beliefs:

Vision/Mission Statement:

The vision of the united Almaguin Highlands, is to enhance the quality of life for its citizens and visitors.


Short Term Goals:

Long Term Goals:

2002/03 Objectives:

The initial prime objective of the committee is to work towards the implementation of the Strategic Plan, by seeking broad consensus among all stakeholders and to develop an action plan for the Almaguin Highlands.

Responsibility, Authority and Limitations






The committee shall consist of the present membership of AHSPIC, and shall seek broad representation from Municipalities, Commerce and Industry in the Almaguin Highlands. Any new members shall be accepted by majority resolution of existing members. Members shall represent the following stakeholders.


Representatives from Fed Nor\ NECO/ Provincial Ministries/ Blue Sky etc. etc. are encouraged to attend.

Specific personnel, will be recruited by the committee, to meet the need for expertise and to fill vacancies from the stakeholder groups identified above. Length of term will be a minimum 2 years, according to the individual member's preference with turnover being staggered to create a mix of new and experienced members. Membership may be reviewed yearly to determine needed changes in representation.


All decision making shall be in accordance with procedures accepted for Business and Municipalities. The Steering Committee shall continue to exist under the sponsorship of the Village of South River and function in a like manner to a committee of Council.


Location: Primarily at the South River Arena

And or on a rotating basis in other venues as decided from time to time

Day of Week: Duration: 2 hours
Frequency: monthly
Format: Face to face for regular members, Audio/video conference for special guest speaker.
Setting Agenda: Regular items set at meetings, e.g. update, review of minutes, treasurer's report, sub-committee reports. Special items to be submitted to Chairperson, two weeks before the next meeting; include in notice of meeting, if possible.


AHSPIC Minutes