Almaguin Highlands Strategic Plan Implementation Committee

Minutes of Meeting

held Thursday, May 19, 2005

at the

South River - Machar Community Centre


Kathy Parker, Micro Business Development Centre and Women's Own Resource Centre; Christina Golding, Municipality of Powassan; Jeff Johnston, Town of Kearney; David Stewart; Sara Keillor, Municipality of Powassan; Wendy Devitt, Municipality of Whitestone; Barbara Groves, Township of Chisholm; Kay Tod, Municipality of Magnetawan; Carol Burns, Township of McMurrich/Monteith, and Martin Parker, Village of South River

Regrets: - nil


Resource Persons: - nil

Guest: - nil

1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order with Christina Golding in the chair.

2. Declarations of Pecuniary Interest
- nil

3. Deputations

1. Tim Bertrand, Blue Sky Radio
Tim Bertrand reviewed the history and the operation of Blue Sky Radio.  They are looking to expand the system and part of the expansion will be a transmitter in the Almaguin Highlands area.  The station needs story ideas for the content of the station. The broadcast is also available over the internet. When they submit an application to the CRTC they would appreciate a letter of support.

4. Adoption of Minutes

08-2005 J. Johnson/C. Burns
That the minutes of the meeting of April 21 be adopted.


5. Reports from Members and Community Partners

1. Ministry of Northern Development and Mines - nil

- nil

3. FedNor
- nil

- nil
Christina Golding announced the LTAB is still looking for a representative from the Almaguin Highlands area.

5. Blue Sky EGC

6. Women's Own Resources Centre and Micro-Business Development Centre
Kathy Parker report that a target market seminar was held on eco-tourism.  There is interest in forming a Bed and Breakfast Association in the Almaguin Highlands.
Kathy Parker announce that School Board Trustee Al Bottomley will be at the WORC offices on the afternoon of June 8 to discuss the future of the Almaguin Highlands Secondary School.  The Almaguin Businesses After Hours group is meeting in Powassan and is attempting to set up a business network.
Kathy Parker announced that the MBDC was active in water quality issues and the water quality monitoring regulations are being relaxed by the Ontario Government.

7. Visitor Information Centers

Christina Golding agreed to contact the Mayor of Perry Township and ask if a representative could attend the meeting in order provide an update on AHIC.
Martin Parker reported the South River Information Centre is now open on weekends and will be open seven days a week in the summer.
The Burk's Falls Centre will be opening shortly for the summer season and is a joint venture between he municipality and a private business.

8. Almaguin Festivals and Events
- nil
Martin Parker announced steps are being taken to ensure the web site remained updated and active.

9. Almaguin Chamber of Commerce
- nil
Christina Golding announced that this organization will continue to be invited to the next meeting of the committee.

10. Lure of Almaguin Project
Martin Parker reported that letters of support are being received by the Village of South River and the application is in the process of being submitted.

11. Burks' Falls, Armour, Ryerson Special Events Committee - nil

12. Powassan Observatory Committee
Kay Tod, reported that the RFP's were opened on May 5 and five proposals were submitted.  Interviews will be conducted shortly.

13. Almaguin Highland Pins
David Stewart reported that Ed Hughes would like to market the pins in the region.  It was agreed that a written proposal would have to be submitted for view by the committee.

14. Almaguin Highlands Web Site
David Stewart reported that he has installed a tracker on the web site and in the past 26 days there were 1,000 new users of the site.  There were questions about the ownership and central of the web site. David Stewart responded he owns the web site and operates it on behalf of the committee.

The committee agreed it was not prepared to pay any future costs for the web site and the status of the site need to be resolved.

It was agreed to establish a sub-committee to document the scope and direction of the ownership of the Almaguin Highlands Web site.  The committee to consist of Carol Burns, Jeff Johnson, Cliff Reeds, Christina Golding and Martin Parker.  David Stewart will attend to provide information on the web site.

15. Chisholm Craft Fair/Yard Sale
Barbara Groves invited members to participate in the Chisholm Township annual Craft Fair/Yard Sale.

16. Terms of Reference

The draft Terms of Reference were reviewed along with the additional information on consensus procedure.  Christina Golding is to compile the information into one document.

6. Correspondence - nil

7. Other Business - nil

8. Adjournment and Next Meeting

The meeting was adjourned with the next meeting scheduled for Thursday, June 16.

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