Almaguin Highlands Strategic Plan Implementation Committee

Minutes of Meeting

held Thursday, Feburary 17, 2005

at the

South River - Machar Community Centre

Present: Leia Halford, Almaguin Events and Festivals; Kathy Parker, Micro Business Development Centre; Gilbert Lane, Ryerson Township; Christina Golding, Municipality of Powassan; Beata Barnard; Glenn Barnard; Eleanor Sled-Kurrle, Burks Falls, Armour, Ryerson Special Evens Committee; Kay Tod, Municipality of Magnetawan; Jeff Johnston, Town of Kearney; Cliff Reeds, Town of Kearney; David Stewart; Sara Keilor, Town of Powassan; and Martin Parker, Village of South River

Regrets: nil

Resource Persons: Catharine Mayne, NECO; Dominique Marleau, MNDM; Ron Begin, FedNor

Guest: nil

1. Call to Order

2. Declarations of Pecuniary Interest

3. Deputations

4. Adoption of Minutes

04-2005 E. Sled-Kurrle/K. Parker

That the minutes of the meeting of January 13 be adopted.


5. Reports from Members and Community Partners

1. Ministry of Northern Development and Mines

Dominique Marleau announced the new manager for the for the North Bay Office of the Ministry is Louse Brinkmann and she can be reached at the regular office number.

The new grant programs of the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund have been released. and a presentation will be made at the next meeting. The bulk of the programs are geared to the private sector and job creation.

2. FedNor

Ron Begin announced that upcoming seminar in Huntsville “Under the Canopy’ in Huntsville. It will focus on non-forest products use of the forest. FedNor is a co-sponsor of the seminar.

FedNor is now near its year-end and the upcoming Federal Budget will be important in terms of new programs, funding and agreements. The budget will establish the new priorities for the upcoming year.


Catharine Mayne announced she will be making a presentation on the booth at the last Royal Winter Fair at the next meeting. This booth was advantageous to the region and the agriculture sector.

Catharine Mayne announced the that Centennial Committee of Powassan has received a grant of $5,000 for the construction of a gazebo.

4. Local Training and Adjustment Board

Christina Golding announced that LTAB is looking for a representative from AHSPIC to sit on the LTAB Board. The new Executive Director is Jim Seguin.

5. Blue Sky – nil

6. Women’s Own Resources Centre

Kathy Parker announced that the Rural Woman of the Year Presentation will be on March 7th. Nomination forms are available at municipal offices.

7. Micro-Business Development Centre

Kathy Parker reported that the organization is actively fund raising to continue the operations. They are planning a special event for March 16.

8. Almaguin Highlands Information Centre – nil

9. Almaguin Festivals and Events

Leia Halford announced that the events schedule now contains 1080 events with over 300 for this year already. The visitations to the web site are increasing.

The upcoming Seminar on Events and Festivals has over 50 delegates with over 65 participants when speakers are included. Tomorrow is the deadline for registrations.

10. Almaguin Chamber of Commerce

It was agreed to invite Louisa Moffit, Chairperson, to the next meeting.

11. Lure of Almaguin Project

Martin Parker reported that the evening presentation was very successful with lots of enthusiasm.

David Stewart reviewed the previous application for an E-Portal web-site and the existing Almaguin Highlands site he operates needs to be utilized more. There was a general discussion on web site operations.

It was noted that the Lure of Almaguin posposals involves a variety of advertising opportunities including print, show, and electronic. The selection of a consultant for the project will be means of a open bidding process.

Jeff Johnston felt there need to be more buy-in by all the municipalities in the region to AHSPIC. The committee needs to show how AHSPIC can help the municipalities. AHSPIC needs to market itself.

05-2995 Johnston/G Barnard

That AHSPIC establish a sub-committee consisting to discuss a marketing plan for the Committee.


The following members agreed to serve on the committee: Glen Barnard, Jeff Johnston, David Stewart, Kay Tod, Christina Golding with Martin Parker as a resource person. The commitee will meet on March 1 at 1 p.m. in the South River Council Chambers.

12. Burks’ Falls, Armour, Ryerson Special Events Committee

Eleanor Sled-Kurrle reviewed the purpose and objectives of this committee. The committee has discussed the Lure of Almaguin proposal and would like to support the proposal.

The current projects of the group include looking at an new entrance sign, the Greg Boyes day celebrations on May 14. On June 25 a Country Jamboree / Hillbilly Howdown is planned as well.

The committee wishes to be involved in the AHSPIC Committee.

13. Fishing Promotion Tour

Gilbert Lane reported he has discussed his proposal with a tourism operator and discussions are ongoing.

14. Powassan Observatory Committee

Kay Tod reported the committee meet two weeks ago and they are currently reviewed the proposed sites for the facility.

6. Correspondence – nil

7. Other Business – nil

8. Adjournment and Next Meeting

The meeting was adjourned with the next meeting scheduled for Thursday March 10, 2005.

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