DRAFT Meeting Minutes – May 18, 2017
10 a.m. – 12 noon @ South River Council Chambers

Present: Carol Armstrong, Councillor McMurrich Monteith, David Stewart, Almaguin Highlands Ontario Inc., Karen Insley Stewart, Cottage Pain Clinic

Welcome, Call to Order – David Stewart, Chair @ 10:05 a.m.

 a) Regrets: Nil

Introduction of Attendees – Carol Armstrong, (Vice Chair), David Stewart, (Chair), Karen Insley Stewart, (Secretary)


Approval of Agenda May agenda with amendment under item 5 b. RSVP and 7 a. TOR clarification, 7 b. Committee Discussion.  - 1st David Stewart,
2nd Carol Armstrong, all in favour, carried.

Adoption of Minutes April 20, 2017 - 1st David Stewart, 2nd Carol Armstrong, all in favour, carried.

Business Arising

Thank you to the Village of South River for hosting this month’s meeting. 

  1. Digital Marketing presentation and discussion. David defines where and what it is; “Where there’s a plan put in place that markets to the web, in this case representing a region; Almaguin Highlands, (AH). It generates marketing connectedness that is recognized on the web. The plan would enhance AH recognition, create increased presence, and determine what is done, where it will happen; strategically.  It would be part of the Regional Strategic Plan.  An example given about a small business 10 years operating but without any regional recognition from any Economic Development, (ED) Initiatives on the web = no business generated.  Web Businesses contracted outside the area are not producing the web network needed as there is no buy in for the area for that connection. Questions:  Who is the go to, for the one window approach?  Is business/community willing to pay for needs assessment, tools, and resources to advise?  Example two; the FedNor BEAM program pays a major portion, (with criteria) for SME businesses/public websites in AH. A great program for local communities and businesses. While the products are built, there are no directives for networking in the region which would augment the Almaguin Highlands branding for these clients.   Question: Who pays the extra for linkages to create the strength on the web? Who is the go to regionally for Economic Development Initiatives that would have the legal framework, structure, funding, revenue tools to provide this Community and Business Strategic Planning which includes Digital Marketing regionally?
  2. Karen reports that no phone calls or emails were received in response to AHED’s request for RSVP.


  1. Email: May 18th @ 10:06 am from Township of Perry Clerk re Council Motion
  2. Carol Armstrong, Committee Member for Perry, McMurrich-Monteith, Magnetawan Economic Development Committee, (PMM), (now called EcoDev – as of May 16th) submitted their Community Development Officer’s Report for May (attached).

Other/New Business

  1. Terms of Reference of AHED.  Several queries posed during a Council and local ED Committee meeting(s) asked whether AHED had TOR.  To clarify here, AHED has existing TOR as of 2012.  A review was in progress November 2016 and a proposed draft document was under revision.  Discussion has been deferred until a future date.
  2. Carol, EcoDev Committee Member offered to provide the EcoDev’s Strategic Plan for the next meeting.  AHED has received no other RED, (local regional economic development and community) plans to date.   
  3. AHED Chair and Secretary attended the PMM/EcoDev ED Committee on May 16th and were asked to introduce ourselves and present AHED’s updates, give a brief orientation, history, and field questions. The website address was offered to the new EcoDev for the interim to post their minutes and it was noted the AHED minutes are available for further regional information; www.almaguin.org
  4. Discussion continued next steps and consensus was given for the Chair to correspond with AH Councils requesting consideration on several items including their continued support.

Attendees updates: 5 minutes -

In-Camera (if required)

  1. Next Meeting Date:  June 15, 2017 TBA @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Meeting Adjourned at 11:59 motioned by 1st Carol Armstrong, 2nd David Stewart





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