Draft - Meeting Minutes – March 16, 2017

10 a.m. – 12 noon @ Perry Township Council Chambers


Present: Carol Armstrong, Councilor McMurrich Monteith, David Stewart, Almaguin Highlands Ontario Inc., Karen Insley Stewart, Cottage Pain Clinic

Welcome, Call to Order – David Stewart 10:14 a.m.

 a) Regrets: Ron Walton, McMurrich Monteith, Councilor McMurrich Monteith,
John Santarossa, Economic Development Officer, (EDO), Central Almaguin
Economic Development Association

Introduction of Attendees

Approval of Agenda March with amendments - 1st: Carol Armstrong,
2nd Karen Insley Stewart, All in favour, carried.

Adoption of Minutes February 23, 2017 with amendments - 1st Carol Armstrong, 2nd David Stewart.  All in favour, carried.


Business Arising

Thank you to the Township of Perry for hosting this month’s meeting.

  1. Vice Chair, David Stewart agreed to assume the Chair Position as nominated by 1st Carol Armstrong, 2nd Karen Insley Stewart.  All agreed, carried.
  2. Carol Armstrong agreed to assume the Vice Chair and Treasurer Position as nominated by 1st Karen Insley Stewart, 2nd David Stewart. All in favour. Carried.
  3. Karen Insley Stewart agreed to assume the Secretary Position as nominated by 1st Carol Armstrong, 2nd David Stewart.  All agreed, Carried.
  4. The committee agreed to accept the resignations of the previous Chair and Secretary.

  5. The Vice Chair, acting as Chair after receiving an email from the past secretary on March 6, 2017, immediately sent an email letter to the past Chair and Past Secretary requesting transfer of AHED’s documents/files including the email distribution list. As of today’s meeting, a telephone call and 2 emails to the past Secretary have resulted in receiving 2 binders of Minutes (2004-present).  The Past Chair has not responded as of today’s meeting and the AHED email lists were denied due to the Past Secretary’s interpretation of PIPEDA - https://www.priv.gc.ca/en/privacy-topics/privacy-laws-in-canada/the-personal-information-protection-and-electronic-documents-act-pipeda/02_05_d_19/
  6. A letter, from the Chair to the Past Secretary, is to be actioned regarding AHED’s presence on the sub-committee for Showcase Almaguin 2017.
  7. Discussion ensued regarding AHED’s Terms of Reference, the outstanding amendments and preparation for finalization at the next regular meeting. 

New Business

  1. Carol Armstrong offered to put forward a motion at the next Perry Magnetawan McMurrich Monteith (PMM), Economic Development Meeting to invite a representative to AHED. Committee agreed.
  2. Committee discussion to contact a Representative from CAEDA. All agreed.


  1. Email. Minutes and note from Past Secretary
  2. Email Correspondence from Past Chair
  3. Email letter correspondence from Past Vice Chair, Chair

In-Camera (if required)

  1. Next Meeting Date:  April 20, 2017 McMurrich/Monteith Council Chambers
  2. Meeting Adjourned at 12:40. 1st Carol Armstrong, 2nd David Stewart




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