Minutes of meeting

Thursday, July 20, 2006 at 10:00 a.m.

Magnetawan Friendship Centre


Present :  Chair Christina Golding, (Councillor – Powassan); Barbara Groves (Mayor - Chisholm); Kay Tod; (Secretary/ member-at-large); Gilbert Lane (Councillor - Ryerson); Eleanor Sled-Kurrle (R/A/BF. Special Events Comm.); Denise Sherritt (NDO MNDM); Andrew Busch (EDC Powassan); Catharine Mayne (NECO);  Denise Eckert (Community Updates); Jeff Johnston (Councillor –Kearney); Kelly Early (EDC, Whitestone); David Stewart (Almaguin Highlands Ontario Inc.); David Burr (BAR ED); Frank Tod, (Councillor, Magnetawan); Jen Nicholson (Almaguin Forester)


Regrets :  Jackie Leung (AH B&B); Jeff Buell (Bluesky.net);


1.   Meeting called to order by Chair Tina Golding @ 10:10 a.m.


2.   No declarations of pecuniary interest


3.   Deputations :   None.


4.   Adoption of Minutes

Moved by Johnston and seconded by Groves that the minutes of the meeting held June 15, 2006 be accepted.   Motion carried


5.   Reports from Community and Resource Partners   


5.1   Ministry of Northern Development and Mines.


5.2   Municipality of Chisholm


5.3   NECO


5.4   FedNor; Not present


5.4   Bluesky.net  


5.6   Women’s Own Resource Centre. - Not present.


5.7   Burk's Falls/Armour/Ryerson Special Events Committee 


5.8   Almaguin Highlands Business After Hours (AHBAH)  


5.9   Powassan Observatory Committee


5.10   Municipality of Whitestone BR&E Program . 


5.11   Economic Development in the Municipality of Powassan


5.12   Almaguin Marketing Proposal


5.13   Almaguin Highlands Bed and Breakfast Association. (AHB&B).   No report


5.14   Kearney Watershed Environment Foundation/2008 Centennial Project . 


5.15   Community Updates Directory 


5.16   South Almaguin E. D. Committee (formerly BF/A/R Economic Development Group)


6   Correspondence


Moved by Johnston and seconded by Sled-Kurrle that the Chair is authorized to provide oral and written material regarding AHED when required, which shall be reviewed with the Committee at the earliest opportunity.  Motion carried


7.   In-Camera


8.   Other Business/Community Reports.


9.   Adjournment and next meeting

Moved by Tod that the meeting adjourn at 11:50 a.m.   Carried.


Next meeting: Kearney Community Centre

Date August 17, 2006 - Time: 10:00 a.m.

Directions:   Take Highway 11 to Emsdale -- # 518 East exit.  Drive 10 kms to Kearney
At the flashing red light, turn right and a quick left turn into the parking lot.



________________________       ______________________

Christine Golding, Chair                     Kay Tod, Secretary

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