DRAFT Meeting Minutes – January 21st, 2016

10 a.m. – 12 noon @ Burk’s Falls Council Chambers


Present: Jessica Busch, WORC; David Stewart, Almaguin Highlands Inc.; Carol Armstrong, McMurrich/Monteith; Rosalind Hall, Ryerson Township; Karen Insley-Stewart, Almaguin Highlands Inc / Cottage Pain Clinic; Ron Begin, FedNor; Henning Golle, Business Centre of Nipissing/Parry Sound; Dave Gray, CDO Burk’s Falls/Armour/Ryerson; Stephanie Booth, Almaguin.ca; Lois Cookman, Almaguin Highlands Chamber of Commerce; Agnes Wojewoda, Employment North; Tiffany Elliott, East Parry Sound Literacy Council; Reanda Doornink, East Parry Sound Literacy Council; Carole Mantha, MNDM.

  1. Welcome, call to order ~ Rosalind Hall  10:00 a.m.
    1. Regrets: Kimberly Bester, Powassan.
  2. Introductions of attendees
  3. Adoption of Minutes of November 2015 – 1st Dave Stewart  2nd Dave Gray  All in favour.
  4. Business Arising (AHED Business):  

Thank you to the Village of Burk’s Falls for hosting this month’s AHED meeting.

4.1 Presentation by East Parry Sound Literacy Council.  Please see attached    presentation package for more information.

      A motion was put forward by the committee to draft a letter of support for the East Parry Sound Literacy Council. 1st Carol Armstrong 2nd Dave Stewart
All in Favour.

4.2 Jeff Johnston has officially resigned as Chair of AHED.
Chair – Dave Gray nominated by Rosalind Hall, accepted.
      Vice Chair – Dave Stewart nominated by Karen Insley Stewart, accepted.
      Secretary – Jessica Busch nominated by Rosalind Hall, accepted.

4.3 Showcase Almaguin Discussion.

  1. Reports from Community and Resource Partners


Dave Gray/CDO Burk’s Falls, Armour, Ryerson
Dave briefly reported on the “Villages of Almaguin”, a regional marketing campaign he has been working on, it will be rolling out in the next few months and builds on ways to eliminate confusing boundaries and focus on communities and celebrating rural municipalities. This regional approach offers a cost effective way for municipalities to market their region and be included in this initiative. More details in the coming months.

Henning Golle/Business Centre of Nipissing/Parry Sound
Henning reported that the Business Centre is very busy, he is currently working with 10 local businesses. There will be an E-Business Event on February 11th at the Burk’s Falls Arena and one in Parry Sound on February 25th. There will also be an event held on February 23rd for Aboriginal Day. The Labour Market Group’s “Get Job Ready” is taking place on February 17th at the Bobby Orr Center in Parry Sound.

       Stephanie Booth/Almaguin.ca
Stephanie reported that 2900 events were listed on her website Calendar last year.

       Karen Insley Stewart/Almaguin Highlands Inc.; Cottage Pain Clinic
Karen discussed the Cottage Pain Clinic which now has a Facebook page and website. Karen reported on studies done in Japan and Germany on Pulse Electro Magnetic Therapy and its numerous therapeutic benefits. Karen has just begun treating osteoarthritis and indicates that the treatments have great promise.

       Lois Cookman/Almaguin Highlands Chamber of Commerce
Lois reported that the Chamber is very busy with upcoming projects and events. The new Almaguin Visitor Guide will be out the end of May, with more information coming out next week. The FAB16 Festival is being planned as well with preliminary details being worked out. The Chamber was incorporated last spring and elected a new board in November. They are updating their website and connecting with more businesses. The next meeting will be happening on Monday, February 1st – more information is available on their website.

       Ron Begin/FedNor
Ron reported that FedNor is back in business facilitating year end. They are currently awaiting direction from the liberal government.

       Agnes Wojewoda/Employment North
Agnes is fairly new to the Community and is here representing Employment North. They offer programs to assist both employees and employers, placement incentives, job coaching and numerous other services and supports.

       Carol Armstrong/McMurrich Monteith
Carol reported that there will be a family movie and pizza night on Saturday January 23rd at 5:00 p.m. and at 7:00 p.m. at the Community Centre where they have recently purchased a new projector screen. Winter Carnival will be taking place on February 13th with many events underway – BINGO, pancake breakfast, music, a dance, fire & ice show and a dunk tank – fun for the whole family. NETWORC will have their next meeting on January 25th with Dave Gray presenting. A new intern has been hired for Kearney, Perry, Magnetawan and McMurrich/Monteith – Courtney Rizzo. The Sprucedale Hotel is also re-opening next weekend with new owners.

       Dave Stewart/Almaguin Highlands Inc.
Dave reported on Park to Park saying that the trails were good last year with extra funding from the municipality. The AGM was held in Parry Sound last week where they discussed improving the eastern portion, expanding the trail farther to Huntsville.
       Carole Mantha/MNDM
Carole shared that she is very excited about the Almaguin Highlands and collaborations happening in the region. Carole is currently working with approximately 25 start-ups and expansions in the region.
       Jessica Busch/WORC
Jessica reported that Winter workshops are underway with Entrepreneurial Skills Training taking place in both Burk’s Falls and South River. Life Skills has launched in South River as well. The next Almaguin Women’s Resource and Business Network is taking place on January 27th in Callander at Lulu’s Bar & Grill with a topic of “Recognizing and Preventing Burnout”. WORC is preparing to launch an online Facebook Auction as a fundraiser for the Centre. An application for an Intern from FedNor will be going in shortly. WORC is also pleased to announce that they have received continued funding for the 2016/17 year. WORC will be writing soon to all Municipalities in the Almaguin Highlands seeking donations towards supporting and expanding programs.

 Rosalind Hall/Ryerson Township
Rosalind put a motion forth to draft a letter inviting area Municipal Councils to join the AHED Committee at our monthly meetings.
1st – Rosalind Hall   2nd – Carol Armstrong   All in Favor.

  1. Correspondence:
  2. In-Camera (if required)
  3. Next meeting date: Thursday, February 18, 2016 @ McMurrich/Monteith Council Chambers
Meeting Adjourned @ 11:40 a.m.



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