Minutes of meeting

Thursday January 19th, 2012, 10:00 – 12 noon


Whitestone Lake Resort


Present: Whitestone: Bill Church & Don Carter , MABA: Carol Pease, Walter Reich, Perry Township: Cole Dault: Intern.~ Economic Development Officer, John Dunn: Mayor Mary Ann Love: Councilor, Sundridge Business Committee & Red Brick Cafe: Dawn Berry,  Kearney: David Hunks,  Almaguin Highlands Ontario Inc: David Stewart (Explorers' Edge too) and Karen Insey Stewart (Healthy Almaguin too),  South Almaguin Community Development: Dianne Kirou (& Kawartha Credit Union)  Ryerson: Rosalind Hall , McMurrich/Monteith: Merv Mulligan, Business Centre of Nippissing & Parry Sound : Michaela Clark; FedNor Industry Canada: Ron Bejin,  MNDM:Tara Hamilton, Healthy Almaguin Committee of Access 2011:Lisa Rogers;  Women’s Own Resource Centre: Kara Mitchell (& AHED Secretary) &, KPABA :Jeff Johnston; (& AHED Chair)


Motion – to send out minutes labeled as Draft minutes to all contacts following a meeting made by  Don Carter. 2nd: David Stewart.  All in favour.


Nominations for Chair:  For Jeff Johnston – 1st Rosalind, 2nd Merv

Nominations for Vice-Chair:  David Stewart –Karen, 2nd Bill

2nd Nomination:  Rosalind Hall;  Dianne K & Merv

3rd Nomination for Don Carter – not accepted by nominee

Secret Ballots cast:  Rosalind elected

Nominations for Secretary:  For Kara Mitchell – Merv 2nd: Bill – no other nominations, accepted.


Showcase Almaguin:  deferred to next meeting


Roundtable of updates from attendees: 

Healthy Almaguin – Lisa Rogers


Steve Munro – Westwind Forest Stewardship

Jeff Johnston – KPABA


Business Centre – Michaela Clark

Merv Mulligan - McMurrich/Monteith


Rosalind Hall - Ryerson


Dianne Kirou – South Almaguin Community Development

Karen Insley-Stewart

David Stewart – Almaguin Highlands Inc.


David Stewart – Explorers' Edge:


Ron Bejin - FedNor


David Hunks - Kearney


Perry Township


MABA Carol Pease

Walter Reich - Magnetawan

Bill Church – Whitestone


Women’s Own Resource  Centre – Kara Mitchell



Meeting Adjourned - 11:55


12 – 1:30  special Presentation / Consultation with Labour Market Group


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