Minutes of meeting

Monday, December 12th, 2011 10:00 a.m. – 12 noon

South River, Council Chambers, 63 Marie St



Jeff Johnston : KPABA/Kearney, Jim Coleman: South River & CAEDA, David Stewart: Almaguin Highlands Inc., Rosalind Hall: Ryerson Township, Caroline Loiselle: MCI, MHPS, MTC, Melanie Davis; Health Unit; Sharon Smith: District Social Services;  Merv Mulligan : McMurrich/Monteith Twp., Jennifer McCourt; Discovery Routes, Shelly Heffernan; Anki Rocks Cottages; ,Don Carter: Municipality of Whitestone, Tammy Wylie; Municipality of Whitestone, Kara Mitchell; Women’s Own Resource Centre

Regrets received:  Great North Arrow, Westwind, and Almaguin Arts Council



Regional Services Branch

Who are we?



What we do

Regional Advisors work with communities to improve services & programs and to build new partnerships through: 

- Community & organizational development

- Consultation & advice including potential grant applications

- coordination & monitoring of applications, approvals & compliance for grants programs for the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Ontario Women’s Directorate and the Seniors’ Secretariat.


Of interest to our committee and partners would include:


Ministry of Citizenship & Immigration:

Ontario Honours and Awards Secretariat

Volunteer Service Awards – celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2011.  2011 North Bay Ceremony, June, 2011.  

Ontario Honours and Awards Secretariat http://www.citizenship.gov.on.ca/english/citizenship/honours/vsa.shtml



Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport (Sport portfolio has been recently added)



Cultural Strategic Investment Fund:

This fund provides strategic support for projects that secure and enhance Ontario's cultural achievements. It helps applicants at provincial and regional levels make strategic investments that promote innovation, stimulate job growth, support new, dynamic content creation, penetrate new markets and encourage cultural tourism. The fund also supports the development of unique cultural resources to enhance the health and vitality of our communities and the quality of life of our people. http://www.mtc.gov.on.ca/en/awards_funding/csif_fund.shtml


Creative Community Prosperity Fund:

This fund provides Ontario municipalities and Aboriginal communities with financial assistance for cultural planning projects. It also provides funding to help not-for-profit organizations carry out specific capacity-building initiatives that enhance the cultural planning process. The government launched this four-year financial assistance initiative in August 2009.



Museums and Technology Fund:

This fund helps collections-based arts and heritage organizations preserve and present Ontario's diverse and rich heritage. It is supported by the government's $6.5 million commitment, announced in 2009, to help community museums, art galleries, archives and associated heritage service organizations invest in innovative projects and partnerships that help them improve public access to their collections through digital technology.   Applicants must have a collection. http://www.mtc.gov.on.ca/en/awards_funding/museum_tech_fund.shtml


Ontario Seniors Secretariat


Work with the local Seniors at Risk Network of North Bay and District – Elder Abuse Committee who promotes awareness about elder abuse and provides information on how to access services and education. 



Sport (& Recreation) Branch

Healthy Communities Fund – The local/regional stream of the HCF supports local and regional organizations that are well positioned to identify what programs and approaches will be best suited to their communities. The HCF will help provide the tools and resources that will enable communities to plan and deliver on initiatives that effectively address local needs.


More info available on-line, including past examples of successful projects


New program has not yet launched and as soon as launch is made, Caroline will forward an email.  Please also note, the link above is last year’s criteria and is subject to minor changes. 

Grants Ontario supports the findings of the 2011 Partnership Project report where non profit organizations asked the Ontario Government to '... institute standardized application forms, timelines accountability and reporting requirements across ministries by moving as much as possible online.'

Grants Ontario's automated features will relieve program staff and grant applicants of the burden of repeated manual input of information.

In addition to eliminating data entry for on-line submissions, Grants Ontario includes workflow and forms customized to the needs of each grant program within a best practice framework.

Grants Ontario was designed as an Ontario Government-wide system and will accommodate more grant and transfer payments in the future. http://www.mhp.gov.on.ca/en/healthy-communities/grants-ontario/default.asp

The Summer Experience Program (“SEP”) provides non-profit organizations, municipalities, Aboriginal/First Nation communities, and organizations serving/supporting people with disabilities with funding to create meaningful summer employment opportunities for students.

Program Goal:  To provide supervised work experience for students in summer positions that develop career related and transferable skills.  The period of employment for SEP funding will be 34 days occurring between May 1 and August 31

General Discussion from committee members present included:

Almaguin projects looking for relevant funding:

-    Playground equipment - Healthy communities only funds portable, eg. Sports equipment; Soccer balls, nets, - Ont. Hydro, Home Depot, Canadian had program, service clubs, kidsport, etc…



AHED Business; 

( Round table of updates from attendees – as time allowed)



12.           In-Camera  (if required)



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