Minutes of meeting

Thursday February 16th, 2012, 10:00 – 12 noon


Perry Township


Present: Kay Tod, Perry Township: Cole Dault: Intern.~ Economic Development Officer, John Dunn: Mayor, Mary Ann Love: Councilor, Kearney: David Hunks,  Almaguin Highlands Ontario Inc: David Stewart and Karen Insley Stewart (Healthy Almaguin too),  South Almaguin Community Development: Dianne Kirou (& Kawartha Credit Union)  Ryerson:, McMurrich/Monteith: Merv Mulligan, Westwind Forestry: Steve Munro, Women’s Own Resource Centre: Kara Mitchell (& AHED Secretary), KPABA: Jeff Johnston; (& AHED Chair) ,  KPABA & Algonquin West Property Maintenance: Frank Colley, Employment North: Laura Irwin, Almaguin Highlands Arts Council: Doreen Wood


Regrets:  Jim Coleman – South River & CAEDA, Don Carter Whitestone


2.  Motion to accept January minutes – check spelling of names based on the sheet - add Teryl Faulkner of Parry Sound Health Unit = contact for Social Planning Council that’s developing in East and West Parry Sound –Dave 1st, Merv 2nd, all in favour


3. Terms of Reference: approval and discuss promotional distribution of (final version)

- amendments:  - move Mission and Vision to top  - add Chisholm & East Ferris to Communities

- including Almaguin.org section in Background and Accomplishments section discussed

-  With above changes of separating Terms of Reference and Background & Accomplishments, Motion made by Steve to approve Terms of Reference, Kay 2nd

1 opposed, 1 abstained, 11 in favour - passed


4. Showcase 2012  - could be way of bringing together sub regional economic and other community development groups and exchange info re. development plans discussed as one benefit

- including social services mentioned as important

- a way to feature and communicate between attendees, communities what is being offered and developed in Almaguin relevant to a certain theme

- potential themes  -  Public Transportation

          -    Almaguin going Green  / Environmentally Sustainable Development here

           -   Stimulating Local  Trade

- best timing:  June & Fall discussed

  - advantage of capturing visiting people in June offset with getting available funding & time to plan and run with greater attendance and success

– committee setting – WORC / Kara, Kay, ? Potentially Dianne S.Almaguin, ? AHAC, Steve /Westwind, Perry via Intern, David Stewart / Almaguin.org, Jeff  -Wed. Feb. 22nd , (later changed to Fri. March 9th) 10 -11:30 @ WORC, South River



Round Table reports of Attendees


Dianne:  South Almaguin Community Network

- also recognizes need for more effectively collaborating, not overlapping with other organizations mandates but strengthen each other

- started this apolitical initiative in November, engaging with people who want to better their community (South Almaguin)

- have developed mission and vision statements with assistance through such networking as AHED provided & MNDM’s support - shared these with the group

- Meeting on Tues. Feb. 21st  7 @ Evergreen Heights Educational Centre (public school)  - to vote on this organizational pillars and start to plan initial projects

- talked of matching with Kawartha Credit Union approach, brought up supports for small business & community funds for not for profits with an application process (planned 1 year in advance)


Kearney – (David )

-18th annual dog sled races on the weekend of Feb.11th&12th, good attendance, over 800 volunteers, teams from as far Alaska , biggest race and purse in Ontario  -Perry also supportive with volunteers (thanks)

-on Monday Graphite mine got approval on plan, will start to extract ore in Sept., 1st staff member hired (from Huntsville) – getting power and internet are next steps, may receive FedNor supports for this, Lakeland Power providing competitive quote

- Ralph Byce project on hold with great potential


David – RTO 12 / Explorer’s Edge


Karen - Healthy Almaguin (follow-up to Feb. presentation)

- recruitment of partners and defining financial and in-kind support they will provide to the project  - the funding available through Ont. Healthy Communities Fund has been reduced to $30, 000  -  grant to run 6 programs through the High School  - looking for organization (Non-profit corporation or municipality) that will step up to provide insurance support for the project  - need organization to certify the rider the NN School Board supplies will be sufficient   - particular needs mad available & on request 



Almaguin Highlands Arts Council

- new Arts Directory will be distributed before May 24th weekend   - this year have more artists compared to past (when listed services), there is space for 4 more  - will have a map  - funded by charge for advertising,

- website currently being updated

- events done in past include Art after Dark and Showcases (2 @ Caswell Resort in Sundridge) –want to have 2 showcases this year in the Region

- more studios being set up and coming forward

- a regional tour is a longer term goal  


McMurrich/Monteith -Merv


Westwind -Steve Munro

      -    mapping partnership with KPABA brought up

- discussion of nursery tree availability as fund raiser for organizations – references for suppliers provided including Brinkman of North Bay, Summerville Nurseries & Pine Needle    


Perry & Almaguin Highlands Information Centre  (AHIC)


Frank Colley: Property Maintenance – growing quickly in association with the Graphite mine

 -KPABA (w Jeff Johnston): is incorporated now, looking to have membership differentiated so that its more accessible to variety of businesses

- growth over years of Dog Sled races has been sustainable economic development contributor


Laura – Employment North (non profit organization)

   - help with recruitment of new employees – provide HR services for employers – have changed from focus on youth and youth training to being more open to all ages – provide referrals  -last year achieved 90% placement  - new employees, manager this year & new Mentorship program being established

 - discussion of  partnerships with local employers & organizations 

–Sundridge office – also offer services in Gravenhurst and satellite services 1 day/week in Magnetewan and Powassan  



Kara –Women’s Own Resource Centre

- March 8th = International Women’s Day – Almaguin celebration on that day in South River , WORC also helping spread word about regional events throughout the week including a trade show for female entrepreneurs of the region Sat. March 10th in Parry Sound

- last wed of every month (Feb. 29th in Powassan, March 28th in South Almaguin) Almaguin Resource and Business network meets for luncheon – free / shared training on topic of common interest and networking opportunities for local business women

- Carpool Almaguin – thanks to Municipalities for their responses to appeal for shared support in continuing to maintain the project  -WORC board making decisions post pooled responses and follow-up to come 

- other networking:- Northern Lights , Burks Falls branch is launching this month  a pilot program for 18-30 year olds who are unemployed that provides training for entering the job market & seek job placement partners for the spring

- Poverty Reduction Network of Parry Sound District – set priorities for the year ahead at January meeting, including organizing a forum focusing on improving access to affordable, healthy Food


Next meeting; March 15th ; approach a Powassan, East Ferris, Trout Creek (rotate through South, Central and North of Almaguin through the year)

12:10 Motion to adjourn :David Stewart


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