Almaguin Highlands Strategic Plan Implementation Committee

Minutes of Meeting

held Thursday, May 13, 2004

at the

South River - Machar Community Centre

Present: Ed Hughes, Cliff Reed, Bob Ramsey, Leia Halford, Carol Burns, Jeff Johnston, Dayna Dickens, Kathy Parker, Brenda Scott, David Stewart, John MacFarlane, and Martin Parker

Regrets: Don Carter and Catharine Mayne

Resource Persons: Dominique Marleau, MNDM

Guest: nil

1.    Introduction

New participants to the group introduced themselves.

2.    Minutes


That AHSPIC does accept the minutes of the meeting of March 11, 2004.



That AHSPIC does accept the minutes of the meeting of April 8, 2004.


3.    Business Arising

Clarification on the ownership, access codes and hosting of the web site were requested. The Township of McMurrich/Monteith is not longer paying for the hosting of the site as their one year of sponsorship is up.
David Stewart noted the site is for all of the Highlands and he operates the site with the direction of the AHSPIC advice. An agreement has to be made on the operation of the site.
It was agreed that Martin Parker is to clarify the status of the ownership of the site.
Councillor Scott noted that prior to the Village or another municipality taking over the site, a proposal with costs and terms of the agreement has to be prepared.
David Stewart noted that the site does not contain any ads.

Jeff Johnston asked if there will be any more follow-up from the ideas Sub-committee suggestions. Chair Hughes responded he had hoped it could have been an ongoing discussion.
Chair Hughes reported an information package was prepared and distributed at the Regional Economic Conference.

4.    Correspondence - nil

5.    Reports

5.1  Conference

Dayna Dickens reviewed the conference results and distributed the Conference Proceedings. It appeared everyone was very satisfied with the results of the conference

Jeff Johnston agreed it was an excellent event and asked what the next step would be as there needs to be some follow-up.

Dayna Dickens reported that a group in the Powassan area is meeting to meet to continue the discussions for that area.

It was agreed to discuss a follow-up event at the June meeting.

5.2  Broadband Initiative

Chair Hughes reviewed the discussion on a new Broadband Initiative held in April. He noted the government wants larger groups to work in providing Broadband.

Councillor Scott, who also attended the meeting, noted that Municipalities need an update on the status of the MCN proposal as the southern part of the region is still part of the MCN proposal.


That a letter be sent to MCN requesting clarification on their Broadband Initiative with copies to all the municipalities in the MCN proposal region.


Brenda Scott is to prepare the letter.

Jeff Johnston felt there was a need to look at the complete specter of communications services in the region.

Chair Hughes noted there is a follow-up meeting in Parry Sound on May 25 and Brenda Scott and he will be attending on behalf of the committee.

5.3  Distribution Of Pins

It was agreed the pins would be distributed in accordance with the proposal in the letter.

5.4  Incorporation

Chair Hughes felt it was time to consider incorporating the committee in order to proceed ahead. This would give structure to the organization. Chair Hughes outlined a couple of structures for the organization.
There was a general discussion on the topic and no conclusion was reached.

There was a general discussion on the continuing role of the committee. Brenda Scott felt a major function was a clearinghouse of initiatives by municipalities and other organizations in the region. It would be an opportunity to share information and avoid duplication.

Jeff Johnston felt the municipalities which are not currently involved should be urged to attend and participate.

Brenda Scott suggested an invitation be included with the proceedings of the conference to all the municipalities asking them to become more involved. The letter could list the things the committee has been doing. Brenda Scott agreed to draft the letter.

6.    Update on Initiatives

6.1  Chamber of Commerce

Bob Ramsey announced the Chamber of Commerce is looking for some new directors, especially from the southern section of the region. He reviewed the upcoming initiatives of the Chamber including the cottage drop.

6.2  Festivals and Events Coordinator

Leia Halford announced she has been hired as the Festivals and Events Coordinator by the Village of South River through a FedNor grant. The position is to help promote all the festivals and events in the region. She reviewed the work plan for the project.

7.    Adjournment and Next Meeting

It was agreed the next meeting would be Thursday, June 17 at 10:00 a.m. at the South River - Machar Community Centre.

Meeting adjourned.

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