Almaguin Highlands Strategic Plan Implementation Committee

Minutes of Meeting

held Thursday, January 8, 2004

at the

South River - Machar Community Centre


Members present: David Stewart, Ed Hughes, Don Carter, Lewis Hodgson, Christina Golding, Barbara Marlaw, Crol Burns, Richard Thomas, Gilbert Lane, Jeff Johnston, Kay Tod, Stephen Mitchell, Cliff Reeds and Dayna Turner-Dickens

Resource persons: Kathleen Finlay, HBOR, Catharine Mayne, NECO and Dominique Marleau, MNDM

Staff present: Raina Maki

1. Acceptance of Agenda

01-2004 Carter/Tod

THAT AHSPIC does hereby accept the proposed agenda for this meeting of January 8, 2004.


2. Welcome New Members and Introductions

New members were welcomed by the chair and introductions were made by existing and new members.

3. Review Minutes

02-2004 Stewart/Finlay

THAT AHSPIC does accept the minutes for the meeting of November 20, 2004.


4. Business Arising From Minutes

Kay asked about the funding for broadband access.

Mr. Farkouh has not responded to the invitation to speak at the regional event.

Dave has not received a response from Jeff Buell of Blue Sky regarding links for the website.

5. Correspondence

Noted and filed.

6. Regional Event

George Farkouh is to be contacted by telephone to request his attendance at the regional event. Martin and Catherine are to contact him.

There was discussion about possible alternative speaker in the event that Mr. Farkouh is unavailable. If an alternate speaker is needed, it was decided to ask Hazel McCallion or Jim Gordon.

Advertising for the event is to be co-ordinated by the Village of South River.

AHSPIC members are encouraged to promote the event within their affiliated organizations.

7. Reports

Dave explained the work on the website and the possibility of receiving better service at a better rate than what is currently being received from the server.

8. New Business

There was a discussion about hosting brainstorming sessions to bring forward new ideas for development in the Almaguin Highlands. Suggestions were made about possible details for these meetings.

Richard made a presentation about some of his experiences and knowledge of using local resources to produce environmentally friendly energy.

Richard was asked if he would speak at the regional event and he accepted the invitation.

03-2004 Golding/Carter

THAT an idea committee be formed from the AHSPIC membership to discuss possibilities of local ideas and report back to the AHSPIC committee.

There was an indication of interested volunteers for this sub-committee. Ed is to contact interested volunteers and set a date for a meeting.

NECO responded to a request for financial support for the production and distribution of the Almaguin Highlands logo. A cheque for $500 has been received for this project. The accompanying letter suggested that municipalities within the Almaguin Highlands be asked to contribute to this initiative.

Catherine informed the committee that if it was not possible to collect the remaining funds needed for the production of the logos, consideration could be given to making a supplementary request for NECO to consider additional funding.

9. Adjournment and Date of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting will be Thursday, February 12, 2004 at the South River - Machar Community Centre at 10:00 a.m.

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