Minutes of meeting

Thursday, Oct. 20th, 2011 10:00 a.m. – 12 noon

South River, Council Chambers, 63 Marie St

  1. Welcome  
  2. Call to order ~ Merv Mulligan, Chair
  3. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest
  4.         Adoption of Minutes of  Sept. 15, 2011

Moved:      Ryerson     2nd:  Merv Mulligan

      -with amendments re RTO 12 , take out “re-branding” terminology


  1. AHED Business ~ Mulligan & Mitchell

Facilitated Discussion: Review of Terms of Reference and Roles in AHED, 2011-12 Objectives

- sharing of best practices expressed as one of most important roles of AHED

- discussed value of having limited time at beginning of meeting for occasional keynote speakers

- serving as a forum for networking and developing initiatives eg. Showcase Almaguin

- challenges and opportunities of attracting and meeting the needs of businesses to be active parts of meetings discussed

- promoting AHED  and means  - different email protocols discussed, agreed to stick with bcc’ing on invites to meetings and drawing up a post-able, final “Terms of Reference” that all can use to invite members   - adding a “History” that includes accomplishments suggested to add to terms of reference

- Almaguin.org will post minutes after they’ve been approved at a subsequent meeting

- becoming a more formal entity that could for example collect and spend $ discussed and more cons found in that sub regional organizations are already doing it with more effective local relationships through business associations



Kara Mitchellrepresenting WORC will continue as the AHED secretariat

Merv Mulligan – needed to resign as Chair due to health reasons,

Merv nominated Jeff Johnston as interim Chair.  Don Carter 2nded           All in Favour.

          Regular Elections will be held in January


Reports from Community and Resource Partners

  1. FedNOR                                                    Begin

-Will not be able to attend every meeting.  Described how he visualizes Economic Development in Almaguin area, focusing on smaller community projects and groups.

-FedNor is open for business, diverse supports available to municipalities, not for profit and 1st nations. –those for industry or private businesses are involved in innovation or significant job creation.

- renewed focus in project priorities on jobs creation, maintaining and expanding business.



  1. WORC                                                                Mitchell

-Entrepreneurial Skills Training courses running in Burks Falls and South River, helping women start or improve small businesses from across Almaguin. –next 10 week series to run Jan-March.

-Monthly women in business networking luncheons begun on 3rd Wed.’s          

-introduced new 211 service launched this month across Ontario and by District of Parry Sound Social Services in the area – Community Connection = organization running it, hosting databases local organizations are advised to update their information with to be found by inquiring public – info. to be attached to upcoming minutes

- introduced Social Planning Council, an initiative started by the Poverty Reduction Network of Parry Sound District – the leadership committee recommended as future AHED keynote speaker

- WORC will seek to reassess its programs and the needs of women of East Parry Sound District in effective supports to achieve sustainable livelihoods in the next year and will seek partnerships in doing so



  1. Ryerson, Armour, Burk’s Falls                                Hall            

- completed official plan recently,  recognized much of land along Magnetawan River as provincially significant wetlands.  Now dealing with challenge of people building roads into these areas.   Discussion of responsibilities re stages of inspection, MNR, resources and contacts.


  1. Municipality of Whitestone                                      Carter


- Northern Lights Steel Orchestra community event helped bring together businesses via different sponsorship levels into a successful shared venture.  Advertised widely and recognized sponsors on a screen at the venue. 

- Municipal Complex invaded by mold is big challenge.  Making tough decsions about remediating or re-building.  Staff are in temporarily in trailers.


 Discussion:  Brought up success of Funder’s Forum and Perry Township, repeating in future elsewhere.


  1.  Powassan Economic Development                     Ramsay

-  Powassan Family Health team had grand opening Oct. 1st  -operate as a sub committee of their economic development committee -  looking to have last dr. join & accept patients in 1 yr.  Have Nurse Practitioner

-  Planning another Developers’ Day  April 12th in Trout Creek.  Inviting all local ministers & featuring John Michaels the anthropologist studying economic development in the area as a keynote speaker

-  Challenges this summer of developing and working Species at Risk legislation

- Don’t have municipal development lands, hopefully by spring a dry industrial park in one section of town, all lots within it are spoken

- Road Ahead Project – looking to start these studies in January –looking at how MTO purchased land on either side of the Hwy and this resulted in loss of tax base and need to create re-route to dump  - Municipality looking to take advantage of 1st right of refusal on buying back the land, working with FedNor and potentially others to do feasibility study of light industry being based in that area.

- Just expanded sewer capacity


7.9         McMurrich/Monteith                                        Mulligan


- Applied for an intern for trails & recreation programs

- Electric fence established around dump to keep bears out as was seen a risk with visitors & for staff.

- Will be doing survey in township about who is still lacking in cell and internet service.


7.10  Kearney Economic Development                      Johnston

- looking at Wind Turbine farm in Kearney region, site identified as ideal sit by Wind Energy Atlas  -a team was assigned by minister to assess and develop the idea  -running 3 phase study - Kearney Graphite Mine introduced as involved

-Kearney seniors association have identified transportation a big issue, looking at reviving public transportation – looking to cooperate with other municipalities and private business to supply this  - opportunities to collaborate discussed,  including school board being open as new AHSS committee looking to bus community members to

-new KPA Business Association opened  (pamphlet distributed)

-Great North Arrow = new publication that raising in popularity, suggested to send information for free & suggestion as speaker of starting new, unique business


7.11       Central Almaguin Economic Development Assoc.         Coleman

- project dealing with highway bypassing supported by FedNor and NOHFC –hiring interns for developing signage for along new highway by pas

- Westwind just finished a couple of audits for licencing & related to their support with Forest Stewardship Council in the SE and SW corner of the local forestry district.  Working to respect Species at Risk legislation

7.19            Village of South River                                          Coleman

-planning another business breakfast at the legion – found timing and format worked well in the past  - have a mailing list for that, contact S.River village to be added

-requested MTO to widen shoulders along old Hwy 11, #124, would not designate as bike lanes for various reasons but are big enough to be functional as such  

- promoted workshop on BioMass  Nov. 22 & 23rd @ Nipissing University –for eg. When installing ground source heating for South River town offices, Bio Mass was viable alternative

7.23            RTO 12 / Explorer’s Edge –other items                     Stewart

- push on supporting regional trails, see website

- research on tourism opportunities and needs completed and posted

- more local tourism organizations signing on to supportive memberships and getting represented

7.26           Almaguin Highlands Inc.                                     Stewart

- Events page is posted and lists all community events – RTO 12’s events for Almaguin

- discussion re websites being found


8.      Correspondence – N/A


9.             In-Camera  - none


Adjournment/ Next meeting date:   Thurs. Nov. 17th : South River


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