Minutes of meeting

held on Thursday, November 20th, 2008 at 10:00. a.m.

South River/Machar Community Centre, South River, Ontario


Present:  Darleen Cormier, EDO/Rec. Powassan; Jeff Johnston, Mayor Kearney; Kay Tod, Rep AHED/MABA; Gilbert Lane, Councillor Ryerson; Merv Mulligan, Councillor, McMurrich/Monteith;  Brenda Scott WORC/South River; Stephen Boyle, Chisholm; Robert and Lillian Chapman, North Bay Astronomy Club; Merlin Clayton, North Bay Astronomy Club; Ron Begin, FedNOR; Charles Barton, CEO Nipissing Twp; John-Paul Negrinotti, Intern Nipissing;  

Regrets:  Chetna Sharma, MNDM, Steve Munro, Westwind Forestry Services; Catharine Mayne,  NECO


1. Welcome from the Chair


2.  Call to order:   10:05


3.  Declaration of Pecuniary Interest:   Brenda Scott, WORC


4.  Presentation:  2009  IPM and North Bay Astronomy Club

          General discussion regarding possible partnerships, costs and staffing of the even tent/display.  It was agreed that Darlene Cormier will further investigate the participation of our surrounding municipalities and report back to the committee.   The North Bay Astronomy Club was interested in participating with only their accommodation expenses being covered. 

5.  Adoption of Minutes of October 16, 2008  Moved by Kay Tod, 2nd Merv Mulligan Carried.


6.  AHED Business

          6.1 2009 IPM

James Franks, City of Temiskaming Shores was to be contacted as to commitment to date from all participants in the IPM.

Be it resolved that AHED Partnership Committee supports in principle the  IPM and that Brenda Scott will follow-up with the organizers/partners with our commitment of $3,000 by the end of November 2008.

Moved by Merv Mulligan, 2nd by Gib Lane    Carried

7. Reports from Community and Resource Partners

7.1                Ministry of Northern Development and Mines              Sharma/McGill

7.2                   NECO                                                                  Aspin-Lecour

7.3                   FedNOR                                                     Begin

FedNor has been involved in the Almaguin Highlands feasibility business plan for the new high school.  Lois Cookman and committee have been collecting feedback during the ongoing process.  He asked wht we are hearing in the district.   The answer was ‘more reality as to what we can handle and what will be supported by  individuals participating.   He noted that Parry Sound has realized a $300,000 annual loss with the Stockey Centre.    He has also been working with CAEDA on a strategic plan for the South River Sundridge Airport.  A consultant has been hired.  A G* committee has been formed and Cathy Stills is the area representative.   It was suggested that Cathy Still be invited to the January meeting.

7.4                   Blue Sky                                                     Buell

7.5                   WORC/South River                                            Scott

Brenda has recently participated in the Blueprint for Poverty Reduction, Ministry of Tourism Roundtables and a Risk Management Seminar.   Information from each of these events was made available.   Further information can be found at www.imaginecanada.ca; www.povertywatchontario.ca  The new Rural Outreach employment programs will begin Wednesday, January 7th with workshops in Emsdale, Commanda and South River.   Information can be found at www.womensownresource.org.


7.6                   Ontario’s Near North                                         Ypya                                                            

7.7                   Township of Chisholm                                       Boyle

Chisholm is continuing to examine their trails situation following the defeat of a resolution for implementation.  The Economic Development committee is looking at a strategy with CIAF and other existing models.

7.8                   Ryerson, Armour, Burk’s Falls                                    Lane

Thanks were extended to the Mayor of Kearney for participating in their last economic development meeting. 

7.9                   Municipality of Whitestone                                Moore

7.10                 Powassan Economic Development Report                            Cormier

Lots going on with the incorporation of Love Lake Conservation Centres.   MoPed housing study is establishing priorities and plans following infrastructure decisions.

7.11                 McMurrich/Monteith                                          Mulligan

Trail bridges will be ready for snowmobile season.  Cell towers are being installed and will extend coverage along  Hwy. 518 west from Sprucedale to Bear Lake.

7.12                 Kearney Economic Development, Centennial 2008    Johnston

Centennial celebrations are wrapping up.  New Year’s Eve will be a Farewell to Centennial with a Time Capsule filled with  memorabilia.

7.13                 Central Almaguin Economic Development      

Ron Begin mentioned the ongoing plans for the AHIC centre.   He hopes that the region will support this endeavour.   Monique Smith, Minister of Tourism has been asked to participate in the discussions with MTO

7.14       Magnetawan Area Business Association                     Tod

The association has 32 members.   The Downtown General Store has offered a wall for a Business Directory Sign.  They are preparing for the London Cottage Show again this year as it is felt that it has a very positive result.  Concerns about Burk’s Falls Health Centre.  8 – 10,000 people per year use this service and it is of significant importance to our economic growth.  Letter of support would be appreciated.   Our LHIN in not really representative of our area reality.

7.15                 Westwind Forest Services                                    Munro

7.16                 Citizenship & Immigration (Culture Health Promotion)     Sherritt

7.17                 Almaguin Highlands Inc.                                             Stewart

7.18                 Municipality of Magnetawan                                      Evans

7.19                 Nipissing                                                    Negrinotti

Nipissing is going through some internal re-structuring and Charles and John-Paul are here today representing the ‘south’ Nipissing area.  New cell tower is in place and they have hi-speed thru xplornet.   Councillor  Straus attended our CIAF workshop and they are working on a proposal for museums/trails as a tourism and activity attraction.  Great participation in Heritage Days this summer and the Commanda Museum.   John Paul will be working on tourism  and webpage development.  There will more links to major websites and access to business for free advertising on the township website. 


8.0 Correspondence


9.0 In-Camera


10. Adjournment/Next meeting date.    Thursday, January 15, 2009.  

10 a.m. South River Machar Community Centre

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