Minutes of meeting

held on Thursday, May 20, 2010 10:00 – 12 noon

South River Town Office


Present:  Merv Mulligan, McMurrich/Monteith; Gilbert Lane, Ryerson; Jessica Busch, FedNor Intern WORC; Dawna Mitchell, Program Assistant WORC; Morley Moore, Whitestone; Jim Coleman, South River; Jeffery Dickerson, South River; Bill Booth; David Stewart, Almaguin Highlands Inc.



  1. Welcome
  2. Call to order:  Merv Mulligan, Chair 10:01
  3. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest:  N/A
  4. Guest Speaker: Bob Stinson : Local Waterways

Bob Stinson who operates the Swift Canoe & Kayak Outlet/South River Information Centre spoke about the vast opportunities that our local waterways provide.  The main focus was on the lesser known waterways.  Bob brought in copies of the “Discover Almaguin” Map highlighting the hundreds of rivers, streams, and lakes that are all able to be navigated by canoes and kayaks.  Many of these bodies of water are not well known therefore they are ideal areas to explore nature at its finest.  Often these smaller waterways are overlooked as many tourists are drawn to the more well known provincial parks and destinations.  When the tourists go to these provincial parks they are less likely to stop in small towns and spend dollars, however when they are traveling into smaller local waterways, there is a much higher chance they will bring in revenue.  Bob stressed that our smaller local waterways have a lot of potential for attracting tourists but we still need to be cautious of respecting other people’s land as well as respecting nature itself.

  1. Adoption of Minutes of April 2010

Moved by : Jim Coleman  Seconded by : David Stewart

  1. AHED Business:  There will be no AHED meeting in the months of July and August.  The committee will meet again in September.
  2. Reports from Community and Resource Partners

7.1     Ministry of Northern Development and Mines and Forestry   Thorne

          7.2     NECO                                                                                    Lecour

          7.3     FedNOR                                                                       Begin

          7.4     WORC/South River                                                              Scott

Jessica spoke on behalf of Brenda who was unable to make it today.  The Women’s Own Resource Centre is hosting its Annual General Meeting on June 9th at 6:30 p.m. everyone is welcome to come and celebrate WORC’s 10 year anniversary.  The last WINGS meeting of the summer is set to take place on June 7th at 10:00 a.m. at Renees Café, Kara Mitchell will be guest speaking.  Jessica reported on the carpool project saying that to date nine parking lots have been established within the Almaguin Highlands and she hopes to establish one more in the next couple of weeks.

          7.5     Township of Chisolm                                               Boyle

          7.6     Ryerson, Armour, Burk’s Falls                                          Lane

Projects continue to move forward.  The area museum will be open the weekend after school is out.

          7.7     Municipality of Whitestone                                                Moore

Morley brought the quarterly newsletter for whitestone.  This letter contains general information on what is going on in the municipality as well as departments, council members and contact information.  Morley discussed some expansions that will be taking place at the community centre which will include an extension on the bathrooms, extra storage and handicap accessibility.  The municipality is hoping to have the tender out by June and the renovations complete by October 1.  Morley also discussed a grant the municipality has received from the CIS Fund towards solar powered compaction bins for both landfill sites.  These compaction bins should save the municipality approximately $75,000 a year in operating costs as they can compact four times as much waste.  Morley will bring more information regarding these solar powered bins to the next meeting.

7.8     Powassan Economic Development Report                                 Olajose

7.9       McMurrich/Monteith                                             Mulligan

The community centre renovations are coming along with the electrical work being completed this week.  Tenders have gone out for the doors, windows, and siding.  Park to park trails has a new manager looking after the trails.  The funding proposal for the seniors apartments was not approved however a grant to go towards a generator at the community centre was approved through JEP funding.

          7.10   Kearney Economic Development                                       Johnston

7.11     Central Almaguin Economic Development Association           Mahon

7.12   Magnetawan Area Business Association                           Tod

7.13   Westwind Forest Services                                                   Munro

          7.14     Citizenship & Immigration(Culture Health Promotion)        Loiselle

          7.17   Almaguin Highlands Inc.                                                   Stewart

Dave spoke briefly about the RTO working group.  They are in the midst of planning on how to best utilize funds coming to the area.  Dave will keep the committee informed.  Dave also spoke briefly about a new idea for tourism in the area.  Dial 2-1-1 is designed to access available services in the area, the idea is still being developed and there are some current restrictions which still remain.  Dave will keep us informed.

          7.18   Municipality of Magnetawan                                            Urbanski

          7.19   Nipissing                                                                    Negrinotti

          7.20   Almaguin Highlands Council for the Arts                                  Sohm

          7.21   Village of South River                                              Dickerson

Jim informed us that the Geothermal Heating System for the Town Offices is nearing completion.  The dam is almost complete as well with one wall coming down this week.  A tower is being constructed at the dam which will control operations at the plant.  Community beautification is coming to a finish with a number of trees and shrubs being planted, a beach volleyball court across the tracks by the new park, and benches and garbage cans going in throughout the village.  The train station will be opening at the end of June.

          7.22   Perry Township                                                      Dunn/Love

          7.23   OMAFRA                                                                 Dukhia

          7.24     RTO


8.  Correspondence


9.  In – Camera


  1. Adjournment: 11:20
  2. Next Meeting Date:  Thursday June 17th, 2010


Location:  South River Town Office

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