Minutes of meeting

held on Thursday, June 19, 2008 at 10:00. a.m.

South River/Machar Community Centre, South River, Ontario


Present:  Gilbert Lane (Ryerson), Merv Mulligan, (Councilor, McMurrich/Monteith), Kay Tod, (Magnetawan Business Association), Morley Moore, (Councilor Whitestone), Edythe Moore, Liam McGill, MNDM, Edward Carlyle, MNDM Intern, Andy Campbell, Almaguin Forester, Pat Aspin-Lecour, NECO/IPM Rep. Brenda Scott (WORC)


Regrets:  Barb Groves, Mayor Chisholm, Jeff Johnston, Mayor Kearney, Jennifer McCourt, Discovery Routes, Andrew Busch, Ec. Dev. Powassan, Steve Munro, Westwind, Denise Sherritt, Min. Citizenship & Immigration(Culture Health Promotion)


1.  Meeting called to order @ 10:05 a.m. Chair Merv Mulligan


2.  Declaration of Pecuniary Interest  NA


3.  Deputations: Pat Aspin-Lecour, International Plowing Match, Southern Corridor Rep. 

The committee has met three times in April, May and June.   The concept from these committee meetings is to host three regional tents showcasing ‘a trip through northeastern Ontario’.  As participants confirm their attendance the tent map will continue to evolve.  The cost of $65,000 per tent has been established which will include beautification, dividers, curtains and the traffic flow directions.  Nipissing Region is discussing a per population rate.   $8 per square foot has also been suggested.  Temagami has established a $1.50 per capita in their budget over the next two years.  Letters were sent to each of the Almaguin Highlands municipalities in April and Pat is  hoping to hear a response before her next committee meeting.  The next committee meeting will be held in Temagami and anyone interested in attending on behalf of AHED is welcome.   Pat will send the info/directions to us.  There are opportunities for the train to make a regular stop over the four days of the IPM in South River.  There is also information available that the South River/Machar Airport may be interested in for connecting with the Flying Farmers.

Discussion was held around marketing such as bags with the Almaguin Highlands logo, handouts, stickers, pins, etc.  Both Pat and Liam (MNDM) will check to see if there is any funding for these items or other costs that might be available.  Several committee members said they were interested in volunteering to work in the booth during the event.  More information will be gathered over the summer months and presented at the September AHED meeting.   Merv thanked Pat for attending and bringing the information to us.   The AHED committee gave Pat a commitment to sponsor an Almaguin Highlands booth at the 2009 IPM as an economic development initiative.


4.  Adoption of Minutes:    Moved by Morley Moore, Second by Kay Tod


5. AHED Business:

5.1  “Get Out On the Trails” Placemat Project

Placemats were distributed by committee members to businesses and were very well received.  Businesses were appreciative of the work AHED is doing.

5.2  IPM

Motion to support and participate in the 2009 IPM by hosting an Almaguin Highlands information booth at a cost of not more than $8/sq. ft and maximum of 200 sq. ft. 

1st by Morley Moore, 2nd Kay Tod. 


6.  Reports from Community and Resource Partners   

6.1 Ministry of Northern Development and Mines

Liam introduced MNDM intern, Andrew Carlyle who will be accompanying him on regional visits this summer.   Programs continue and all information is available on website. www.gov.on.ca

6.2 Community Futures (NECO)

6.3  FedNor

6.4 Bluesky.net

6.5 Women’s Own Resource Centre:   Summer Experience position has been funded and the successful candidate will be working on developing the workbook for the Mother, Son, Mentor workshops.   These workshops focus on school, career and financial awareness in making choice toward creating a sustainable livelihood.

6.6 Ontario’s Near North (ANTA):

6.7  Township of Chisholm:

6.8  Ryerson, Armour, Burk’s Falls Special Events CommitteeGib Lane - Planning for the First Impressions exchange with the community of Gore Bay in July are being discussed.  July 1st is the Annual Yard Sale and will be held at the Township Office.  Cattle Sale meeting is being held Monday, June 23rd to discuss their future.

6.9  AHBAH & Bed & Breakfast Association

6.10 Municipality of Whitestone:  Morley Moore updated on the trail committee and GPS for their designated trails and map.   An ARGO rescue vehicle has been purchased by the fire department to increase their range of service.   Sat. July 26th a History Fair will be held at the Community Centre featuring musical instruments and an open house.  The Whitestone Library won an Award of Excellence in Serving Children & Youth due to the quality work and dedication of library staff.  Morley, wife Edythe and Kay Tod all presented information & a poster regarding the History of Ahmic Harbour event being held June 28 & 29th.  Pencil sketches, artefacts, photos will be on display as well as a community bake sale, crafts, flea market and garage sales on Saturday from 9 – 5 pm.  The Croswell family boat builders will also have a display of the two most recent boats completed by Cliff Croswell at age 82.  Four businesses in Whitestone have been purchased and will be opening soon.  School parents raised $10,000 by collecting recyclable liquor & other bottles.  Their landfill is looking into recycling and crushing containers in partnership with the McDougall Landfill.

6.11 Love Lake Observatory:   Kay Tod reported that meetings are continuing to attract more interest and support.  A sub-committee will continue over the summer to discuss building, land development and other issues.

6.12  McMurrich/Monteith:  Summer student will be leading games and activities for children in the community.  The Volunteer Firemen purchased a Kawasaki ATV to do trail and hard to reach rescues.   The vehicle will carry four peopled plus stretcher capacity.  Cell phone towers are ready to go on Hwy. 518 Sprucedale and Bear Lake.  A large percentage of the residents are cell phone users.  Bill Booth/Serviceworks has been checking out their CAP site and it will have a wireless hot spot similar to South River/Machar Library’s at the front of the Twp. Office.  Road tenders have been opened and roads should be paved by the fall.  The municipal budget will see an increase of 1.8% this includes hiring a landfill person to encourage and create recycling initiatives.   Park2Park has a new intern, Linda Woodward.   Plans continue to extend trail to Kearney.

6.13  Kearney Economic Development, Kyla Pratt reported that Centennial events are underway with trees being planted and new historic style street signs beautifying the town.  A grant from Celebrate Canada has been helpful with plans for Homecoming Weekend which begins on June 28th.  Work on the new strategic plan continues.

6.14  CAEDA

6.15 Magnetawan Area Business Association – Kay Tod reported on a number of events coming up.  Including the Heritage Day Civic Holiday Weekend and the fall fair.  Sept. 6th is the Annual 5K Run and Health Fair. (They may be expanding it to 10k if there is enough interest)  This will include a Silent Auction and refreshments.  Sept. 26th is the 1st Annual Fall Quadrific-ATV Rally. Kay attended a June meeting regarding health services in the area.  A survey had been sent out regarding the Nursing Station and the possibility of Magnetawan building one or joining with Whitestone.  Currently Whitestone is at capacity handling 500-700 clients per month.  A Johnny Cash Benefit night will be held July 5th in support of the station project.

6.17  Westwind Forest Service – Steve Munro sent regrets as they are currently moving their offices.

6.18  Ministry Citizenship, Immigration, Health Promotion:  Denise Sherritt sent regrets but has offered the loan of a backdrop to the AHED committee for their booth at the 2009 IPM.

6.19  Almaguin Highlands Inc. 


7.  Correspondence  


8.  Other Business.   Gib Lane suggested that a map of the Almaguin Highlands waterways be considered as a follow-up to the trail placemats.  Kay will touch base with Clint Brooks who had formerly presented watershed information to us.


9.  In-Camera


10.  Adjournment & Next meeting date:

                   Motions to adjourn at 12 noon:   Moved by Morley Moore, 2nd by Kay Tod.

Next meeting date Thursday, September 18, 2008 10 a.m. – 12 noon.




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