Minutes of meeting

held on Thursday, Feburary 18, 2010 10:00 – 12 noon

South River Town Office


Present:  Merv Mulligan, McMurrich/Monteith; Gilbert Lane, Ryerson; Jessica Busch, FedNor Intern WORC; Brenda Scott, Village of South River, WORC; Chetna Sharma, MNDMF; Anna Gibson-Olajos, Powassan; Mary Anne Love, Perry; John Dunn, Perry; Kay Todd, Magnetawan Business Association; Roger George, MOPED; Morley Moore, Whitestone; Andre Dukhia, Multicultural Centre (North Bay); Pat Aspin Lecour, NECO; Dave & Karen Stewart, Almaguin Highlands Inc.



  1. Welcome
  2. Call to order:  Merv Mulligan, Chair 10:03
  3. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest:  N/A
  4. Guest Speaker: Rebecca Cowan – Parry Sound Chamber of Commerce

Rebecca presented on behalf of the Parry Sound District Chamber of Commerce regarding the upcoming RTO (Regional Tourism Organization).  The role of the Parry Sound Chamber is to push agencies to work together during this time of transition and allow the lines of communication to be open.  All municipalities that lie in Region 12 should get involved and have their voices heard to ensure nobody is left out.  Rebecca provided us with information on the RFEI’s (Request for Expression of Interest) and some important dates to remember.  March 1, 2010 is the deadline for RFEI submissions to the ministry.

  1. Adoption of Minutes of November 19, 2009 and January 2010

Moved by : Morley Moore  Seconded by : Pat Aspin Lecour

  1. AHED Business:

Motion to apply to NECO for funding to address opportunities for R.T.O.

Moved by : Morley Moore  Seconded by : John Dunn

  1. Reports from Community and Resource Partners

7.1     Ministry of Northern Development and Mines and Forestry   Sharma

The Summer Job Program runs from April to September.  The program provides a $2.00/hr wage subsidy for employed students.  This year the applications will not be mailed out but will be available online.  There is no limit to how many students you can request, the deadline is in April.  If you are unable to complete the application form over the internet, you can have the package mailed to you.  The HST session will be held at the Best Western in North Bay on February 25th to discuss how the new blended tax will affect businesses in the area.

          7.2     NECO                                                                                 Lecour

Pat informed everyone that there is money this year in the Economic Development Fund.  They will be looking at proposals for funding in the amount of $3000.00, the deadline to apply for this funding is April 1st.  Loan clients are needed at this time.  Discussion about AHED applying for a grant to hold a round table discussion regarding the R.T.O.

          7.3     FedNOR                                                                    Begin

          7.4     Blue Sky                                                                    Buell

          7.5     WORC/South River                                                           Scott

Workshops in South River and Emsdale are currently full.  There will potentially be twelve new businesses starting up.  Jessica reported on Carpool Almaguin, there are now parking lots available in South River, Trout Creek, Burk’s Falls, Kearney, McMurrich/Monteith, and Magnetawan with another four additional lots to come.

          7.6     Ontario’s Near North                                               Lagace

          7.7     Township of Chisolm                                               Boyle

          7.8     Ryerson, Armour, Burk’s Falls                                          Lane

Projects continue to move forward.

          7.9     Municipality of Whitestone                                                Moore

Morley brought the “Emergency Preparedness Trailer” list as requested.  Progress is continuing on the trails.  Clear Lake Trails has employed a biologist for an assessment.  A GSI flyover is being done as well before Spring.

7.10   Powassan Economic Development Report                                  Olajose

Anna Gibson-Olajos is the new Economic Development Officer in Powassan.  The sportsplex renovations are coming along.  Powassan has a new website and a new logo.  You can check it out online.  Powassan is also conducting a sewer study to relieve capacity issues.

7.11     McMurrich/Monteith                                             Mulligan

The torch run was successful.  The water in the pond has frozen enough that the bridge was able to be completed across.  A FedNor intern was hired the first week of January.  The cover on the community outdoor pavilion will hopefully be completed by the end of February.  Park to Park Trails is moving along.  Merv’s band “Scotia Junction” has been getting some air time on Galaxy Radio and they will be playing at Renee’s Café in South River on March 20th.

          7.12   Kearney Economic Development                                       Johnston

7.13     Central Almaguin Economic Development Association           Mahon

7.14   Magnetawan Area Business Association                           Tod

Membership is good.  Working on the 5k 10k Marathon Race for September.  Kay presented some information on the Ontario Health Coalition, there will be public hearings held on small, rural and northern hospitals throughout the province.  There is one scheduled to take place in Burks Falls on Saturday March 23 from 12 – 3:30 pm at the Arena.  If you want to book a spot to make a presentation (5mins), the deadline for the Burks Falls hearing is March 1st.  Kay encouraged everyone to be there, voices are needed to express what we want to see in healthcare.

7.15   Westwind Forest Services                                                   Munro

          7.16     Citizenship & Immigration(Culture Health Promotion)        Loiselle

          7.17   Almaguin Highlands Inc.                                                   Stewart

Spoke about RTO, wants to see everyone working in cooperation.  Dave suggested that the tie in to Parry Sound District Chamber of Commerce would be a good move as it will allow the Almaguin Highlands more input on the new Regional Tourism Organization.  Dave reported that we are getting a lot of traffic from people out of the area and we have to start looking at how to best market the Almaguin Highlands.  The logo shown on a scarf was passed around.

          7.18   Municipality of Magnetawan                                            Urbanski

          7.19   Nipissing                                                                    Negrinotti

          7.20   Almaguin Highlands Council for the Arts                                  Sohm

          7.21   Village of South River                                              Dickerson

          7.22   Perry Township                                                      Dunn/Love

Construction on the new Information Centre is moving along.  They are hoping to be in by mid-summer.  They are trying to enhance the building with kiosks, wi-fi access and high speed services.  Funding was received from the Trillium Fund to construct a gazebo.  They are continuing to look at ways that the centre can be enhanced.

          7.23   OMAFRA                                                                 Dukhia

Andre is an intern based in North Bay at the MultiCultural Centre.  CIRRO (Community Immigrant Retention in Rural Ontario) has a need for expansion in business.  The process is being established to bring those people in.  Currently the MultiCultural Centre in North Bay employs a staff of 7.  Andre passed out brochures describing the services that the centre does offer.  Extras were brought to the Women’s Own Resource Centre.


8.  Correspondence


9.  In – Camera


  1. Adjournment: 12:00
  2. Next Meeting Date:  Thursday March 18, 2010


Location:  McMurrich/Monteith Township Office @ 31 William Street, Sprucedale

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